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Dr. Reuter Investor Relations: Nokia, United Internet and Talkpool: Ultra-fast and available everywhere: With high-speed into a networked world

Ultra-fast and everywhere available: At high speed in a networked world

5G, Cloud solutions and the internet of things are inseparable when it comes to the future of digitization goes. Sie connect the physical with the digitaln World. Already today more and more are shifting Business models – away from your own server, into to the cloud. No technologyarea grows stronger. But die huge amounts of data that the Internet of Things needs, have to if possible without time delay flow. only this way does it workTo network services and production on a large scale. For da Turbo should dhe new cellular standard 5G care for.

United Internet is currently building on your own 5G network and has long been one of the leading providers in matters Cloud technology. D also relies on the cloudhe former cell phoneManufacturer Nokia and want with cloud-based applications an glorious Times tie in. The internet of things does the Talkpool AG for your forward-looking Building management advantage. Bis 2025 will Talkpool in that area Market leader be.


Ultra-fast data connections also make huge amounts of data instantly available everywhere. In this way, machines and end devices can be optimally controlled. That is the idea of ​​the Internet of Things – and the Swiss Talkpool AG (ISIN CH0322161768) is the expert for this. The company has been working on solutions for efficient communication between people and devices since it was founded in 2000. The Swiss have been targeting the IoT industry specifically since 2014.

Especially when it comes to solutions for intelligent building technology Talkpool at the front. Their innovative high-performance sensors measure temperature and air quality in order to always ensure an optimal room climate. The water and energy consumption in houses is also significantly reduced with the help of smart technology. This saves energy costs and reduces the ecological footprint. Another advantage of sensor technology is that it reports damage to buildings such as broken pipes or mold on the walls at an early stage. In this way, they can be rectified – before extensive renovation work is necessary.

The basis for efficient building technology are primarily three factors: Innovative sensors, powerful wireless networks and secure operating systems. These are all core competencies of his company, says Aurelius Wosylus, Chief Commercial Officer the Talkpool Germany AG. With this, the Swiss want to conquer the German market – after all, the largest in all of Europe. And there is great interest in smart air conditioning and environmental technology in Germany. With the German market is Talkpool trusted. They have been a partner of Deutsche Telekom in expanding broadband connections since 2017. The Swiss are already planning 75 percent of all house connections for the industry giant. These are the best prerequisites for the IoT business in Germany to deliver the double-digit growth rates it is aiming for in the future. But the fiber optic expansion business also promises further leaps in sales. After all, Germany has an urgent need to catch up when it comes to expanding faster networks. Expects for 2022 Talkpool therefore with a doubling or even tripling of the planning business. The company formulates its goals for 2025 with corresponding confidence: Until then, sales should increase from around 20 million euros to 48 million euros annually.


beginning of Zero years war Nokia (ISIN: FI0009000681) the superstar among the mobile phone manufacturers and largely responsible for the so-called Finnish economic miracle involved. Then followsen the crash and a long dry spell. now will the company from the far north with technology all about the 5G cellular standard back to the top of the world: Therefore shouldn special solutions developed for cloud applications care for. You’re on open Radio access networks, so-called Open-RANs, tailored. Open networks offer the greatest flexibility, because Antenna, base and software from different manufacturers can be combined. For that, however, it takes 5G.

the Technology the Finns convinced Cloud giants like Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft. she have been working with Nokia since March. Whether invoices, orders or Payment processes mWith 5G, it is possible for the first time to transfer data as well as in real time. Pages load at lightning speed. Die delay, also called latency, is a maximum of one to two milliseconds. In addition, the technique is about 30 times faster than LTE. So far, the nationwide expansion of 5G has been implemented Indeed still in its infancy – in Germany it should first Be ready in 2025. But Nokia is already working on the next generation: 6G promises to reduce the latency from milliseconds to a few microseconds.

Of the new CEO Pekka Lundmark is in office since summer 2020. Under him There is more money for research and development, even if that includes that Profits suffer first. Indeed the new course is already paying off – in the second half of the year stieg the operating result by a whopping 61 percent. Reason enough for the executive suite to revise the annual outlook upwards.

United Internet

That Cloud-Expand business and build your own 5G network – that’s planning the German Internet service provider and Webhoster United Internet (ISIN DE0005089031). The enterprise based in the tranquil Montabaur dance at many weddings. Fis for investors the the United-Internet-daughter Ions currently the most exciting. Because what insiders have been rumoring for months seems to be confirmed: namely that Ions goes public next spring. The cloud specialist is already one of the five largest web hosting companies worldwide. One Groupprecherin confirmed definitelythat the IPO at an opportune time is planned. That could flush five billion euros into the coffers – enough capital, a the Position in the cloud business Further to expand. Mastered so far Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Cloud and Google Cloud with a total of almost 70 percent the European market. Indeed due to the stricter data protection guidelines are European Computing power provideron and storage space especially for sensitive people Corporateaten quite an alternative.

Also Den construction of the 5G network can Companiesfounder Ralph Dommermuth tackle it now. Because bis your own systems ready, hat the enterprise the commitment, the network of Telefónica Germany to to use. The first 1,000 antennas should be in place by the end of 2022. By 2030 then half of all households in Germany can be reached.

Despite the costly investments, sales and revenues are both at United Internet and at the daughter 1&1 Drillisch increased in the first nine months. Since the founder Dommermuth thinks out loud be Share package from 42 percent to 51 percent increase, the stock also rebounded.

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