It continues like this: Scholz’s timetable to the Chancellery

It continues like this: Scholz’s timetable to the Chancellery
It continues like this: Scholz’s timetable to the Chancellery

Wednesday November 24th 2021

So it goes on now
Scholz’s timetable to the Chancellery

The coalition agreement is in place, now Scholz could actually become Chancellor. Or? Yes, there is only one small but on the part of the Greens. But then it will most likely soon actually happen.

In the week after December 6th, Olaf Scholz is to be sworn in as Federal Chancellor, the SPD announced this some time ago. It’s still about two weeks – although his party has already agreed on a coalition agreement with the Greens and the FDP. But it still has to be received by the party congresses. Is there still a risk of stumbling, even falling of the traffic light? Not really.

Most likely there could still be a question mark with the Greens – because there is a member survey pending. 125,000 members should raise or lower their thumbs from this Thursday. They have ten days to do this. Lower it, it would be a surprise. After all, the Greens pushed through some of their campaign issues. The coal phase-out should come as early as 2030 and renewable energies should provide 80 percent of electricity by then.

In the case of the SPD, the decision will be made on December 4th, and the FDP one day later. No scandal is to be expected here either. The SPD provides the chancellor and has also included some heart issues in the contract – above all the increase in the minimum wage. And the FDP managed to rule out tax increases. Each party has something to show that its members might like. And all three parties have shown that they want to govern. But: Nothing is excluded in politics and surprises are part of it.

The question of who is sitting at the cabinet table with Scholz is still exciting. One can assume that FDP leader Christian Lindner will become finance minister and Greens leader Robert Habeck climate and economics minister. Whether Annalena Baerbock will become Foreign Minister will soon be revealed. Because the Greens also tell their members who should take over which department. The entire list should not be available until after the party congresses on the first weekend in December. When Nikolaus was there and Olaf Scholz raised his hand in an oath in the Bundestag, he can start cracking all the nuts that lie in front of him.


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