Ösis want to eat in Swiss ski bars after lockdown

Austria is in lockdown due to the corona virus. On the Swiss side of the Samnaun / Ischgl ski area, however, you can ski and go to the pub.

You can get to the Swiss bar with a 3G certificate. – Keystone


the essentials in brief

  • Austria is currently in lockdown, bars and pubs are closed.
  • In Swiss ski areas, however, the restaurants are open.
  • That attracts our neighbors to Switzerland for lunch.

The winter season begins today, Thursday, in Samnaun GR. While Austria is in lockdown and the pub are closed, parties and skiing are allowed on the Swiss mountain side.

So if you go to the Swiss side, you escape the lockdown – and can go to the pub with 3G for lunch.

The Ösis also notice: “Hüttengaudi in lockdown? Yes, that works, ”writes the news portal heute.at. And immediately makes free advertising for Samnaun.

The season was officially opened in Samnaun GR. – Samnaun Tourism

But is there really going to be a run on the Swiss ski area? “We expect a slight increase in Austrian day visitors at the start of the season,” says Madeleine Papst from Samnaun Tourism. But it shouldn’t last for a long time.

Coronavirus: Soon 2G in the entire ski area

Because: Certificate-free skiing is only available until December 3rd. That’s when the Ischgl ski area opens on the Austrian mountain side. The stricter 2G principle then applies to the connected, cross-border ski area.

However, if you want to drive exclusively on the Swiss side, you can do so with a 3G certificate for the corona virus.

Coronavirus Samnaun
Samnaun Dorf is the tourist center of the duty-free Samnaun Valley. – Keystone

Pope says: “The measures taken are even stricter than the Swiss government is currently requiring of the Swiss ski resorts.” Most guests would probably want to use the entire offer with 2G. “It remains to be seen whether the stricter measures will ultimately be perceived positively or negatively by winter sports enthusiasts.”

Coronavirus: food only on the Swiss side

However, the Swiss side has an important advantage: pickling plants on Austrian soil have to remain closed for longer due to the lockdown. For Swiss catering establishments, “only” 3G will apply beyond December 3rd.

Are you already looking forward to the ski season?


Yes and I will eat in the pub!


Yes and I will eat in the pub!


No, winter sports is not for me.


No, winter sports is not for me.

So if you want to eat, you can only do so on the Swiss side. And so escapes the Austrian lockdown.

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