Baerbock expects difficult “reform years”

Baerbock expects difficult “reform years”
Baerbock expects difficult “reform years”

Green leader Annalena Baerbock agrees the Germans for far-reaching reforms under a possible traffic light coalition. It takes courage to modernize the country.

The Greens chairwoman Annalena Baerbock has prepared the country for difficult moments in the new legislative period. The upcoming “reform years” would “not be very easy years,” she said on Wednesday at the federal congress of the union IG BCE in Hanover. “You have to be that open now.”

The starting position after the federal election was unusual, said Baerbock. The well-known camp formation and traditional political partners no longer exist. But in the new constellation there is also “a huge opportunity”, of which she is “deeply convinced”. The SPD, the Greens and the FDP wanted to tackle a lot with the joint government they wanted.

“Of course it takes courage”

“We want to leave,” said Baerbock, the traffic light alliance wanted to “clear the modernization backlog”. It is important that all those involved build bridges and are able to acknowledge that someone else has a better idea than oneself. This applies not only to the traffic light negotiators, but also to society as a whole, warned Baerbock. “Of course it takes courage to take such steps.”

The next decade must be used for key changes, emphasized Baerbock. There is a “historic opportunity to ensure climate-friendly prosperity in Germany”. Among other things, it is necessary to “unleash renewable energies”.

Model coal commission

To find solutions to particularly controversial issues, Baerbock referred to the experience with the coal commission, which had negotiated the coal phase-out. “You can build on this idea”, judged the Greens leader: Different actors would be brought to one table and then together make decisions for the future.

The SPD, the Greens and the FDP began the substantive coalition negotiations on Wednesday. In a total of 22 working groups, the contents of a coalition agreement are to be negotiated over the next few weeks. The new government is due to start work in the first half of December.


Baerbock expects difficult reform years

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