she tells her granddaughter about her exile in France

Posted the 10/27/2021 2:49 PM

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In 1954, at the age of 17, Aïcha fled Algeria to settle in Auvergne. France, she has never left it. Today, she finally dares to talk about this period with her granddaughter, Lina, who made a film of it: “Their Algeria”. Conversation.

Lina wanted to capture the memory of her grandparents by making a film: “Their Algeria. ”“ When my father called me five years ago to tell me that my grandparents were separating after 62 years of marriage, I had a kind of shock, all the questions I I had always asked, suddenly reappeared and I realized both that I knew nothing of their history of exile from Algeria to France, but also nothing of their intimate history as a couple“, she confides.

Lina had never asked herself all these questions. “I had a bit of the feeling that my Algeria was in Auvergne (…) There was only the Algerian community around me and we ate Algerian food. We listened to my grandmother’s tapes and we danced and we heard Arabic around me“, she explains.


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