4 and 5G: the two records of the Haute-Loire in the greater region

In France, 18,994 5G antennas have already been installed since the launch in 2018 of the national program called the New Deal Mobile. The system intends to eliminate all white or poorly served areas in France. Each operator (Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Orange and SFR) has the obligation, ultimately, to install 5,000 new sites at a rate of 600 to 800 per year.

In the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (AuRa) region, 2,928 relays have been set up in this way. The Region then placed 5th in France for the installation of fiber and 9th for 4G equipment. “In 2021, the 8 million inhabitants of AuRa are still not sufficiently covered in 4G mobile network and partially in fiber”, sums up Arcep (regulatory authority for electronic communications, postal services and press distribution).

  • 1G represents the first generation of wireless cellular technologies. It was born in the 1980s and is characterized by its analog side.
  • 2G, better known by the acronym GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), is still the current worldwide standard for mobile telephony (voice communications). It was also born in the 1980s. It marks the great leap from analog to digital (or digital).
  • 3G (acronym: UMTS, for Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems) marks another turning point, since it allows both voice and data to be transmitted.
  • 4G took over from 3G and 3.5G (more advanced version of UMTS).
  • 5G therefore represents the fifth generation of standards for mobile telephony, and promises gigabit data transmission per second and definitive entry into the world of IoT (Internet of Things, Internet of Things). More than 80 countries are already working to put in place the infrastructure to generalize it.

Penultimate in the ranking on the number of antennas …

For Haute-Loire, several things can be highlighted compared to the eleven other departments of the new region. Already, if the Rhône and Isère are the departments which currently have the largest number of 5G antennas (986 and 403), Haute-Loire is second to last in the ranking. According to Arcep figures from October 2021, 62 relays are scattered over Vellavian lands. Cantal remains the red lantern with “only” 35 branches.

The old antennas and those built under the New Deal Mobile.

Photo by Nicolas Defay

… and donkey cap for its 4G speed

Our department has a 4G coverage rate of 87%, which ranks 6th in the greater region. Nevertheless, it is the very last for its speed offer with 26 Megabit / second. The Drôme holds his hand with 31 Mbit / s. Both look from their lower position at the Rhône and Savoie, which have speeds of 72Mbit / s for the first and 64Mbit / s for the second. On average, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes has a 4G speed of 54 Megabit / second.

But in the top 5 of fiber blanket

60% of Haute-Loire. This is the area covered by the fiber today. It is thus in the upper bracket of the 12 departments of AuRa (5th position). The most equipped is the eternal Rhône with 87%. The poorest in this area is the Ardèche where only 19% of its territory is equipped in this way. As for the operators, Free has 1,805 5G antennas throughout the region, 642 for Bouygues, 330 for SFR and 151 for Orange.

41 branches still to be built in Haute-Loire

According to the Arcep map, three new sites were invested by a 4G antenna during this quarter in Haute-Loire. This is the central area between Saint-Maurice-de-Lignon, Lapte and Sainte-Sigolène, near the village of Le Châtaignier. The second is to the south of the Chapelle d’Aurec, near the village of Chazalet. Finally, the third concerns the Ponot basin with the installation of a relay in the Taulhac business area. Still according to data from Arcep, the government and the local authorities of the departments (the municipalities) have identified 41 sites to be further equipped with a 4 and 5G antenna in the countryside of Haute-Loire.

The antennas which still remain to be erected in Haute-Loire.

Photo par DR

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