Microsoft Xbox: a record quarter to start the fiscal year – News

Microsoft Xbox: a record quarter to start the fiscal year – News
Microsoft Xbox: a record quarter to start the fiscal year – News

Video game revenue increased 16% for the quarter ended September 30, 2021, to $ 3.1 billion, a record for Xbox business at this point in the year. According to Microsoft, higher Xbox Game Pass subscriptions and game sales from its in-house studios offset a decline in performance from games from third-party publishers. Monetization and engagement are also at an all-time high for a fiscal first quarter.

In detail, the growth of the game Content & Services (game sales, DLC, and subscriptions) is only 2%, but console sales soared 166% from the same quarter last year, when Xbox One sales were at their lowest. The situation is very different now, since the demand for Xbox Series always exceeds the available stocks. Microsoft says it has shipped more consoles than expected, without departing from its habit of not revealing any figures.

Microsoft also notes that video games and Windows marketing have caused a 15% increase in operating expenses, a reminder if needed that Satya Nadella’s multinational no longer hesitates to put his hand in his pocket to score points on this market. For the October-December quarter, Microsoft anticipates a further increase in revenue related to video games, somewhere between 5 and 10%.

As a whole, Microsoft Corporation achieved a turnover of 39 billion euros and a net profit of 17.6 billion euros, respectively up 22% and 24% The Microsoft Cloud, which is still increasing by 36 %, alone is responsible for 17.8 billion euros in turnover.


Microsoft Xbox record quarter start fiscal year News

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