During a video meeting, a third of French executives have already worn pajamas or underwear

During a video meeting, a third of French executives have already worn pajamas or underwear
During a video meeting, a third of French executives have already worn pajamas or underwear

OFFICE LIFE – Why do executives love videoconferencing so much? They would be 74% to approve meetings by interposed screens, whether they are teleworking or not, according to the results of an Ifop survey for Speechi, manufacturer of interactive screens, the results of which are unveiled this Wednesday, October 27.

From this survey carried out on a sample of 1002 people, representative of executives working in mainland France, it appears that the youngest appreciate it a little more than the others, they are 82% of those under 40 and 70% over 40s. They are right to love video, especially since it has become widely used. The gradual return to face-to-face has not started this trend, since 94% of executives used video conferencing in the past 12 months, 71% of which in the past 7 days.

Add to this the fact that the number of meetings (face-to-face or not) has increased considerably, from an average of three meetings per week in 2015 to more than five today, or even more than six in large companies. And, of course, more than half (56%) of the meetings attended by executives interviewed by Ifop took place by videoconference.

Saving time and stress?

If executives appreciate video so much, it would be above all because it saves time, in particular by avoiding travel to go to meetings. They are 95% to give this argument, among those who say to like the video.

Then, 88% of them perceive the video as a benefit compared to the reduction of health risks. And more than 8 out of 10 executives believe that using videoconferencing reduces the length of meetings (86%) while increasing their efficiency (82%). Finally, 64% of executives surveyed declared that the use of videoconferencing reduces stress when they have to speak in meetings.

Visio in pajamas … even naked

Executives are very numerous (85%) to turn on their camera. But they are only 32% to do it systematically. And for good reason … when the camera is deactivated, more than a third of participants, and almost half of those under 40, admit that they do not always wear appropriate attire.

They seem to want to take advantage of this meeting format to discuss more casual outfits, such as pajamas or underwear, for more than a third of them (35%).Even not to wear it at all. Thus, they are 5% of executives questioned to admit having already participated in a video meeting while being naked.

Likewise, 74% of executives under the age of 40 admit to having already discussed with their colleagues via messaging, in parallel with a videoconference meeting. Wiser, those over 40 are only 57% to do so. Others (22%) actually performed a task such as cleaning or cooking, during a videoconference meeting with the camera off.

What will be the future of videoconferencing? With or without a camera? In pajamas, naked or tie?

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video meeting French executives worn pajamas underwear

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