Federal Council wants to offer several vaccines

Federal Council wants to offer several vaccines
Federal Council wants to offer several vaccines

The Federal Council is creating the conditions to be able to continue to offer several different vaccines. (Subject picture)

Three vaccines against corona are currently approved in Switzerland: the mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer / Biontech and the vector vaccine from Johnson & Johnson.

Nevertheless, the Federal Council wants to keep open the possibility of approving wide-ranging vaccines, possibly only for a limited period. It is unclear which technologies are involved. In the past few days, a dead vaccine made headlines.

Variety of vaccines desired

According to the Therapeutic Products Act, the temporary approval of a drug is only permitted if no other equivalent drug is available. But that is the case – as I said, there are three vaccines.

However, the Federal Council finds it important to be able to provide as many different providers as possible with different technologies in the pandemic. He has therefore supplemented the corresponding Covid-19 regulation with an exception from the Therapeutic Products Act.

Amendment to the Covid Act

The Federal Council also asks parliament to extend certain parts of the Covid Act. The extension does not affect the article in the Covid-19 law on the certificate, because of which the referendum against the law was taken.

Rather, it is about giving the cantons more time to process pending hardship applications, especially in connection with pending legal proceedings. The government justified the decision with the extension into next year will ensure that the Federal Council continues to have the necessary instruments to combat the pandemic and its consequences. Parliament will discuss the proposal in the coming winter session.

People at risk are protected longer

And finally, the Federal Council has extended the measures to protect employees who are particularly at risk from the virus by three months until the end of this year. It is particularly important that these people can be exempted from the obligation to work while continuing to pay their wages.


Federal Council offer vaccines

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