Vaccination opponents MFG are nationwide

Vaccination opponents MFG are nationwide
Vaccination opponents MFG are nationwide

The young party People Freedom Fundamental Rights (MFG), which mobilizes against the coronavirus measures and has entered the state parliament in Upper Austria, is preparing for further polls. “Of course” you will run for the National Council election, said Federal Managing Director Gerhard Pöttler in a press conference today. Structures are currently being set up in all federal states, and some local groups are already in place, according to party leader Michael Brunner.

When asked why opponents of the coronavirus measures should choose MFG and not the Freedom Party, Pöttler answered as follows: “People come to us in droves. They would not do it if they were convinced of the parties in the National Council. ”Like Federal Party Chairman Brunner, he emphasized that one“ comes from the population ”and wants to go the way with the population.

“Well positioned” for NR election

At their first nationwide press conference, the MFG representatives emphasized that they are well positioned for the upcoming National Council election – regardless of when it takes place. Initially, however, the focus is on smaller, foreseeable ballots, such as in the statutory town of Waidhofen an der Ybbs and the municipal council elections in Tyrol. A decision to run for a federal presidential election will be made at the appropriate time.

In terms of content, MFG’s focus is still almost exclusively on the government’s coronavirus policy, which is rejected. Pöttler described the measures as an “attack” on the population. Unvaccinated people would be harassed, it was planned to exclude these people from public life. Above all, the party sees the “3-G” rule as not legally permissible, which is why various constitutional complaints are being planned.

BASG: Skepticism about vaccination unfounded

Opponents of the vaccination still do not believe official government figures, but speak of numerous damage and deaths from the vaccines officially approved in Europe, all of which are said to be “experimental”.

The claims cannot be proven statistically. The Federal Office for Safety in Health Care (BASG) actually reported 177 deaths close to a vaccination by September, only a single-digit fraction is currently seen as being related to the vaccination.

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