BAG reports 1846 newly infected people, 45 new in the hospital

The number of cases of the coronavirus is rising again in Switzerland. The update is available here.

Syringes and a vial with the Moderna vaccine against the coronavirus as well as other medical material are ready on a table. – Keystone


the essentials in brief

  • Switzerland has so far counted 869,041 people infected with corona and 10,840 deaths.
  • The test positivity rate on October 27 (27,981 tests) was 6.6 percent.
  • So far 5.5 million people have been fully vaccinated, that is 63.2 percent.

The vaccination campaign in Switzerland has stalled. Therefore, since October 1st, all tests for people without symptoms have to be paid for.

Since Monday, September 13th, there has been an extended obligation to obtain a certificate in all of Switzerland. Only those who have been tested, vaccinated or have recovered come to pubs, bars, zoos, libraries, fitness centers and museums.

These measures with regard to the coronavirus apply from Monday, September 13th. – BAG

Due to the coronavirus, a certificate is also required for indoor events. This applies to concerts, theater, cinema, sporting events and private occasions such as weddings in public venues.

Here you will find an overview of the most important figures and decisions in Switzerland.

New infections with coronavirus are increasing again

On Wednesday, the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) reported 1,846 newly infected people in 27,981 tests. The positivity rate is thus 6.6 percent. In addition, 45 people have been hospitalized in connection with the corona virus since yesterday.

A week ago, the BAG reported 1,442 newly infected people in 27,234 tests. The positivity rate was 5.3 percent.

Coronavirus: Again and again there are unvaccinated people who go to the doctor too late out of shame. – Keystone

On Tuesday, the BAG reported 1491 newly infected people (previous week 1240) in 22,145 tests. The positivity rate was 6.7 percent.

On Monday, the BAG reported 3297 newly infected people (previous week 2366) in 64,922 tests in three days. The positivity rate was thus 5.1 percent.

Since the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in Switzerland on February 25, 2020, 869,041 people have been infected in this country (as of October 27).

The number of deaths related to the coronavirus is 10,840 (as of October 27). Thus, four people have died in connection with the corona virus since yesterday.

63.2 percent of the Swiss are fully vaccinated

According to the latest version of the BAG on October 18, 11.1 million vaccine doses have been administered to date. A total of more than 10.3 million cans were also delivered to Switzerland.

Swissmedic Coronavirus
A senior citizen is vaccinated against the coronavirus in Frauenfeld. – Keystone

5.5 million people, or 63.2 percent of the population, are fully vaccinated. 65.8 percent of the Swiss have received at least one vaccination dose.

Vaccination breakthroughs in people in Switzerland

The vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna used in Switzerland protect well. Nevertheless, vaccination breakthroughs occur.

From the end of January to October 20, 664 people were hospitalized despite double vaccinations. 140 were killed.

Among the partially vaccinated, 223 people were hospitalized. 78 people died.

Vaccines approved in Switzerland

– Pfizer / Biontech (mRNA, approval December 19): Will be vaccinated (also approved for children and adolescents between 12 and 17)

– Moderna (mRNA, approval January 12): Will be vaccinated (also approved for children and adolescents between 12 and 17)

– Johnson & Johnson (vector vaccine, approval March 22nd): Will be vaccinated (especially for allergy sufferers, not recommended for pregnant women)

The vaccine has not yet been approved but has been reviewed for months by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca.

Third spades allowed

On Tuesday, October 26th, Swissmedic approved the third vaccination for all people over 65 years of age in Switzerland. Younger, previously ill people with a weakened immune system can also be piked.

A clinic employee pulls the Covid-19 vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer onto a syringe for a vaccination. – dpa

Massive easing since June

Since January 18, Switzerland has been in the second lockdown. The Federal Council approved an initial relaxation on March 22nd.

As of April 19, the Federal Council relaxed far-reaching restrictions, followed by another massive easing on May 31.

The Federal Council announced a penultimate major relaxation on June 26th. For private meetings, 30 people are allowed to meet indoors. Outside there is a limit of 50 people.

The following applies to events: Without a certificate, events with seating for up to 1000 people are permitted. Without a certificate and without compulsory seating, a maximum of 250 people are allowed inside and 500 people outside.

Companies are no longer required to work from home. Home office is recommended, however.

corona mask
Protective masks will probably be a part of our everyday lives for a long time to come. – Keystone

The quarantine obligation There is no need for vaccinated and convalescent people when they come into contact with infected people or when they travel.

Since July 6, 2020, Switzerland has been wearing a mask on buses and trains because of the corona virus. In addition to the national public transport mask requirement, this has been extended to all publicly accessible interiors since October 19.

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