changing sex in Switzerland will be easier …

Transgender and intersex people will be able to change their gender more easily. The Federal Council set Wednesday the entry into force of the amendments to this effect of the Civil Code and the ordinances relating to January 1, 2022.

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Each year, around 40 children are born with a sex that is difficult to determine with certainty at birth. However, the law obliges to announce these newborns within three days to the civil status with a first name and a precise sex. These can only be changed at the cost of administrative or legal proceedings.

At the same time, Switzerland has several hundred transgender people. Between 100 and 200 people have undergone or are considering an operation to change their sex. Without counting those for whom a surgical intervention cannot be carried out, in particular because of their age or their state of health.

The end of medical examinations

With the change in law, transgender or intersex people will be able to change without bureaucratic complications and quickly the indication of their sex and their first name. There will be no more medical examinations or other prerequisites.

The consent of the legal representative will be necessary if the person is under the age of 16, if they are under general curatorship or if the adult protection authority has so decided. The procedure will cost 75 francs.

Marriage maintained

The change of sex in the civil status will have no effect on a possible marriage or registered partnership. These will not be dissolved. The parentage links will not be changed either. Concerning the child of a person who has changed sex, it will appear in official documents with the sex registered at birth.

The binary nature of the sexes is not called into question. The law amendment does not contain the introduction of a third gender option or the general abandonment of the reference to sex. Abusive declarations of change of sex or first name will be refused.

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