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Austria shoots back against Insignia: “Sponsoring agreement ended with immediate effect”

The fronts between Wiener Austria and their “strategic partner” Insignia hardened again on Wednesday. The Bundesliga club reacted to public statements by the Insignia and declared that it would end ongoing negotiations with the company about sponsorship. Austria board member Gerhard Krisch referred to a guarantee of 7.0 million euros “from a company from the Insignia environment”. Inaction regarding player transfers has been rejected.

The relationship between the club and the lifestyle group has long been icy – and is now apparently lived through the media. After Luka Sur and Aleksandar Bursac, the two governors of the Insignia in Vienna, had sharply criticized the top of Austria in an interview published on Tuesday, the club replied on Wednesday evening in the form of a “statement of facts”.

Insignia demands commitment from Austria

The Insignia started in March with a grandiose presentation with the aim of attracting international sponsors and leading Austria back to the big stages. Obviously little has happened since then. The deal is currently most visible on the Austria jersey, where the Insignia company logo is emblazoned.

Even that is no longer to be expected. Because in view of the “Sponsoring Agreement” Austria stated on Wednesday: “With regard to these negotiations, both sides have made equivalent preliminary work. Unfortunately, no agreement has been reached to this day. Therefore the negotiations with Insignia regarding a sponsorship agreement will be terminated with immediate effect and no further advertising services will be provided. “

“Guarantee of € 7.0 million”

Austria also referred to a “guarantee of € 7.0 million from a company associated with Insignia”. The transfer of these funds has so far not taken place, but would help to secure the prospect of financial survival for the indebted association.

Krisch also stated on Wednesday: “There is no order or other contractual agreement that Insignia or ‘International Marketing GmbH’ should ‘further develop’ Wiener Austria in terms of sport.” He was referring to a statement by Sur, who said in an interview with “”: “We want to establish Austria as an international brand we bring good players to the club and develop them further. “

Krisch dismissed the club’s inaction in relation to player transfers alleged by the Insignia duo. The mediated players have always been checked. “After almost all of the proposed players could not be financed due to our economic situation, possible player commitments, such as on the last day of the transfer window, failed precisely because of this.”



Article picture: GEPA


Austria shoots Insignia Sponsoring agreement ended effect

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