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Your own menu

Known for sharing hidden features of Twitter and other social networks in the past, researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has revealed a new option found in the app. With it, users will be able to change the appearance of tabs in the navigation bar. By default, this shows the icons Home, Research, Notifications and Messages.

With the change, Twitter’s navigation bar could grow slightly larger with the introduction of new shortcuts. We note, for example, new links to spaces and communities. Therefore, it would then be possible for users to use this menu to discover even more content than today, more quickly.

According to Paluzzi, users will be able to customize the navigation bar with two to six items (no more, no less), with the home icon being a basic element that will not be possible to remove. The other tabs provide access to Lists, of Bookmarks, to his Profile and even at the Monetization. It therefore seems that this novelty is aimed in particular at influencers and other Internet users capable of earning income with their account, but also of spending to be entitled to a better experience.

Available in 2021?

Indeed, this new customization option, if it were to be put online, would not be available to all users. Based on its clues, the developer explains that Twitter will thus limit the said feature to followers of Twitter Blue, which costs $ 2.99 per month and allows additional functions to be unlocked in the app. Unfortunately, the price of this package in France is unknown at the moment: moreover, only a few countries are entitled to it, and France is not one of them. We can nevertheless estimate that the equivalent of the price would be between 2 and 4 euros on the Old Continent.

It is not yet clear when, or if, this new option will be officially available to users. It should still be remembered that this change is still under development, so that it may also never see the light of day in public version.


By: Twitter, Inc.

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