WU: Stickers for vaccinated and convalescent people

WU: Stickers for vaccinated and convalescent people
WU: Stickers for vaccinated and convalescent people

The 2.5 G rule currently applies at the business university. Access to the campus is therefore only permitted for people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, have recovered or have been PCR-tested. In order to shorten the waiting times for the verification check, so-called “Fast Lane Stickers” have been distributed since October 25th. These are green-transparent and are stuck directly onto the student ID. The stickers are valid for the entire winter semester.

Freedom students criticize the entry system

Unvaccinated students must still present a negative PCR test at the entrances to the lecture hall center and in the libraries. The RFS sees a problem in this system: “The fact that unvaccinated students are separated at the entrance to the university and checked in front of everyone’s eyes is in a certain way degrading. The WU does not ensure normalization, but encourages social division,” it says in a broadcast.

WU Vienna

The green “Fast Lane Stickers” are intended to speed up the controls

Sticker as requested by students and teachers at WU

The business university argue that the “Fast Lane Stickers” should simplify the 2.5 G controls. “It’s supposed to be a relief for those who have to show the same certificate every time. This relief was also an explicit wish of the students and teachers, ”said WU in a written statement to wien.ORF.at.

In addition, the introduction of the sticker could save a lot of money for additional staff, explains the WU. And: “It would be important for us to make it clear that the Fast Lane sticker is not a must, but that all students are free to pick it up.” The vaccination rate at WU is high. Almost 90 percent of the students are already vaccinated.

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