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The “Free Package”, a basic package from the experts for digital guest trips, contains both the digital check-in function including digital registration form and a digital guest directory. Every hotel can now register independently with Hotelbird via the website and configure the functions desired for the company.

Without commitment and without costs

A hotelier does not need more than five minutes for this, as he can also import the data via a interface in addition to entering it manually. After completing the registration, the hotel has a fully completed guest directory for its hotel and it has the option to use digital check-in immediately. Free of charge, without contractual obligations or terms, there are no fees or commissions. For more than 70,000 hotel rooms, the necessary digitization of the hotel processes and guest travel by the Munich technology company Hotelbird has already begun. The new “free package” is intended to make this entry even easier for hotels, as it eliminates decision-making barriers with regard to digital processes. An integral part and already very popular with hoteliers and guests is the digital guest folder, with which the hotel staff saves the time-consuming exchange and cleaning of the guest folders in the rooms. Employees also benefit from an overview of all information at a glance and relieve the receptionist.

Automated digital check-in

The software application can be used online on all end devices, regardless of the operating system, via the web – a separate app is not required. It is also possible to link directly to external partners, promotions, hotel offers and to your own direct booking. In addition to digital check-in and the guest directory, Hotelbird will also be offering the two functions “Digital Guest Identification” and “Vaccination Certificate”, which have been awarded the IHA Product Innovation Prize, from the beginning of 2022. As a result of the joint development with the federal government, a new type of automated digital check-in will then be available to every hotel, eliminating the need for a further administrative process. Due to the large selection of already connected interfaces to various market-leading locking systems, PMS systems and payment providers, every host also has the option of integrating these systems into their processes. True to the Hotelbird platform approach, this depends entirely on the operator concept and the respective desire for automation of the hotel. (red)

“The free package enables every hotelier to use our digital services free of charge. Individual hotels in particular benefit from the fast and easy self-onboarding that they can offer their guests a modern customer trip free of charge and in less than five minutes. We are taking a new, radical path in which we make hotel digitization available free of charge and thus advance digitization in our industry “, explained Juan Sanmiguel, CEO and Founder of Hotelbird.


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