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Düsseldorf: 23-year-old cyclist dies after an accident

Düsseldorf: 23-year-old cyclist dies after an accident
Düsseldorf: 23-year-old cyclist dies after an accident

A 23-year-old cyclist was fatally injured in an accident in Düsseldorf near the intersection of Haroldstrasse and Kasernenstrasse. She was hit by a woman in her Mercedes and then rolled over. The ADFC calls the scene of the accident a “horror intersection”.

A serious traffic accident occurred on Haroldstrasse on Tuesday morning. According to the police, a 72-year-old Mercedes driver turned from Kasernenstrasse into Haroldstrasse in the direction of Kavalleriestrasse. Accordingly, there was a backlog from the direction of Schwanenmarkt on Haroldstrasse at this point in time. The 72-year-old recognized this traffic jam too late and tried to prevent a collision with the car parked in front of her.

The pensioner avoided the street on Schwanenmarkt to the right on the bicycle protection lane. There she captured the 23-year-old on her bike. The young woman was thrown onto the road and run over by the 72-year-old Mercedes. The car then hit a road sign in the junction and stopped there.

The 23-year-old, with Luxembourg nationality and resident in Düsseldorf, suffered such serious injuries that she died on site. Protective strips for bicycle traffic separate bicycle and car traffic with a dashed white line. Since the end of April 2020, there has been a general no-stopping ban on cars on the protective strip.

The General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) describes the accident site in a post on Facebook as one of “the numerous horror crossings in Düsseldorf”.

Another car was damaged in the accident. The 72-year-old was uninjured. The traffic accident recording team of the Düsseldorf police secured the traces of the accident on site.


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