Safe and user-friendly solutions for connected life and work – Samsung Newsroom Germany

Safe and user-friendly solutions for connected life and work – Samsung Newsroom Germany
Safe and user-friendly solutions for connected life and work – Samsung Newsroom Germany

At the first purely virtual Samsung Developer Conference (SDC21), Samsung is presenting new services and product solutions that are intended to enable a networked user experience in a wide variety of areas of life. Samsung is committed to openness in its ecosystem and invites developers to create user experiences that can make life easier. At the conference, Samsung is showing a range of solutions in the areas of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and security, which are intended to promote networking and collaboration.

DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communication, at the virtual Samsung Developer Conference 2021.

“We are very proud of the results that we have achieved together with the creative minds of the developer community,” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics’ IT & Mobile Communication division. “New tools and gadgets can lead to more communication and exchange in our society. We want to help make people’s lives easier – no matter where they are. “

Platforms for networked experiences

At the conference, Samsung shows detailed plans for the further development of platform technologies such as Bixby, SmartThings and Samsung Knox. The aim is to create a strong platform that can combine technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, IoT and security, accelerate the development of applications and thus create further opportunities for users.

Bixby has become a central element for the user experience on over 300 million Samsung devices. From now on, Bixby uses artificial intelligence and neural networks integrated into the hardware to process commands directly on the device. This enables the relevant processes to be accelerated.

For developers, Samsung also has the Bixby Home Plattform that creates an intelligent link between Bixby’s natural language processing and SmartThings. With this platform, voice commands are to be executed even more precisely in the future, since the condition and environment of the devices can be taken into account.

Samsung also has other plans for SmartThings presented. In the future, the platform should fully comply with the new standard for networking in the smart home, Matter, support. Matter enables developers to collaborate across manufacturers. The new standard is supported by a large number of manufacturers and has the potential to become the norm for the seamlessly linked smart home. In addition, the SmartThings Hub Technology integrated directly into the product portfolio, turning Samsung Smart TVs and the Family Hub refrigerators into independent smart home centers.

Samsung claims that its users’ data are reliably protected. Samsung Knox, Samsung’s security solution, already offers built-in protection for more than 100 million Samsung devices. In order to further improve the protection of the data, has Samsung Knox Vault Using a combination of security-specific hardware (a new, secure processor and a separate, extra secured memory chip) and software elements that shield the data from the Android operating system and the applications. At the SDC21, Samsung once again emphasized the importance of open and cross-manufacturer collaboration for the security and protection of data.

In addition, Samsung presented guidelines for data protection at SDC21 – the Privacy Principles. Three principles guide developments in the company: protection, choice and transparency. These principles enable users, developers, and partners to get the information they need to control their data. Protection options and authorizations can be adjusted directly via the settings menu on the Samsung Galaxy devices or the Smart TVs. The guidelines can be viewed on the privacy portal. Samsung will continue to publish security analysis tools as open source projects in order to improve security in its ecosystem.

Tizen brings further possibilities for Smart TV

At the SDC21, Samsung is presenting various new features for its Smart TVs. More connectivity and new functions enable impressive experiences.

Video Calls can be done via the TV through a partnership with Google and automatic focus and zoom functions supported by artificial intelligence.
Samsung Health connects to a webcam to evaluate movements and send feedback on the Smart TV in real time during the workout.
– Rousing Gaming thanks to HDR10 + and automatic settings for low latency times and HDR calibration.

There are also other areas of application for Tizen. Tizen for Business can support interactive e-boards in schools or sales stands, as well as displays in restaurants, at the airport or in the subway. A new management portal enables companies to easily monitor and control their various displays remotely using their compatible smartphone, monitor data in real time and simply roll out settings to multiple devices.

Diverse Samsung Galaxy ecosystem

The constantly growing variety of mobile devices offers developers a wide range of options for different requirements. At SDC21, Samsung is presenting the latest version of its user interface for mobile devices with One UI 4. One UI 4 offers users options to customize the user experience according to their own wishes. One UI 4 uses Samsung’s strengths in security and also enables access rights to be personalized. This allows users to keep control over their data.

The new possibilities of One UI 4 are particularly evident in the new foldable devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold3 or the Galaxy Flip3. The new user interface supports features such as Flex Mode or Multi-Active View, which offer an intuitive user experience that was previously only available on foldables.

Samsung invites all developers and interested parties to contribute. For more information on the SDC21, visit

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