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Secret services are sounding the alarm: More and more extremists are wearing uniform

Secret services are sounding the alarm: More and more extremists are wearing uniform
Secret services are sounding the alarm: More and more extremists are wearing uniform

Wednesday October 27, 2021

Secret services are sounding the alarm
More and more extremists are wearing uniform

More and more people with right-wing extremist sentiments cavort in the army and security authorities. According to the secret services, they pose a “special danger”. Because people often have access to sensitive information – and weapons.

Right-wing extremist activities by soldiers and security officers are causing the secret services in Germany increasing concerns. In the relevant networks, “it is not uncommon to find members of the security authorities and the armed forces,” said Constitutional Protection President Thomas Haldenwang in a hearing in front of members of the Bundestag. “These people in particular pose a particular risk because they are able to have sensitive information at their disposal, they have appropriate training and they are often weapons carriers,” said Haldenwang.

The President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution classified the development as “worrying”. In the area of ​​extremism, the danger from the far right continues to be the “greatest danger”.

The President of the Bundeswehr Secret Service MAD, Martina Rosenberg, reported in the hearing before the Parliamentary Control Committee of 1,397 suspected extremist cases that are currently being processed in her agency. The vast majority – around 1200 cases – are assigned to “right-wing extremism including the category of Reich citizens and self-administrators”.

Rosenberg admitted that these numbers appeared “very high”. At the same time, however, she emphasized that the suspicion of extremist attitudes in the examinations by her authority was only confirmed in a small proportion of the cases. This year, 23 cases were classified as “red” – that is, the person concerned was actually classified as an extremist in the examination by the MAD. In 23 other cases there was a classification in “orange” – this category concerns “people who are not adherent to the constitution,” said Rosenberg.

The two heads of authorities emphasized that the increasing number of suspects could be attributed to the fact that the authorities are now more sensitive to right-wing extremism and that more and more suspected cases are being reported from the authorities. Haldenwang spoke of an “apparent increase” in this context: the figures primarily reflect an “increased exposure of these cases”. Rosenberg argued similarly: “We look more closely, so that more cases can be uncovered.” Right-wing extremism remains a “focus of the MAD’s counter-extremism”.


Secret services sounding alarm extremists wearing uniform

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