Most of the migrants in Vienna live in these districts – Vienna

Most of the migrants in Vienna live in these districts – Vienna
Most of the migrants in Vienna live in these districts – Vienna

According to current statistics from the Austrian Integration Fund, every fifth person was not born here.

Around 1.8 million people with a foreign place of birth lived in Austria at the beginning of 2021, which corresponds to every fifth person in the total population (20.1%). According to the figures that the Austrian Integration Fund has now published, this is an increase of almost 13 percent compared to 2016.

Most of the migrants in Vienna live in the 15th district

Around 712,000 people with foreign birthplace currently live in Vienna. This means that the number has increased by 12.1 percent over the past three years. A district comparison shows: At 47.9 percent, the proportion of migrants was highest in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus (15th district), followed by Brigittenau (20th district). Hietzing (13th district) and Liesing (23rd district) showed only a few.

The proportion of the population with a foreign place of birth, measured against the total population of a federal state, was highest in Vienna with 37.1 percent and lowest in Burgenland with 12 percent. In the federal capital, most people were born in Serbia, Turkey and Germany, as the following graphic clearly shows.

The share of migrants has increased the most since the beginning of 2016 in Styria (13.4 percent), Upper Austria (16.2 percent) and Tyrol (19.2 percent). Lower Austria recorded the smallest increase with 11.3 percent.

Integration Minister Susanne RaabHERBERT NEUBAUER / APA /

Integration Minister Susanne Raab agrees in view of the current figures “Today”: “For the first time, one in five people in Austria was born abroad. The integration of all population groups is therefore more important than ever. That is an enormous challenge and that is why we need a clear line in integration here. The state provides an abundance of integration measures, it But it is also about taking advantage of these offers. Integration is promoted, but also called for. “

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