Victims questioned after attempted murder in Upper Austria – friend was drunk

Victims questioned after attempted murder in Upper Austria – friend was drunk
Victims questioned after attempted murder in Upper Austria – friend was drunk

After the alleged murder attempt on Tuesday night in Mittertreffling in the Urfahr-Umgebung district, the seriously injured victim could now be questioned in the hospital. The 21-year-old woman said her 23-year-old boyfriend was drunk and attacked her after an argument. The man is said to have suffered from a personality disorder and was therefore also being treated at the Neuromed campus in Linz, said the Linz public prosecutor’s spokesman Reinhard Steiner.

The victim also reported that the suspect had drunk beer and wine that evening. During the night there was a relationship argument. “The man hit his friend’s face with his fists and choked her. Then she went down and lay on her stomach,” Steiner described the apparent course of events. Then the 23-year-old probably sat on the floor, stabbed her with a kitchen knife and pulled the seriously injured into the bathroom, Steiner repeated the victim’s information.

Then the man is said to have started fires in different places in the house. To do this, he soaked textiles with gasoline and set them on fire, according to the investigation on Wednesday afternoon. In the meantime, the injured man managed to jump out of the bath window onto the garage canopy and further into the raised bed of the neighbors, who called for help. According to the hospital, the woman is likely to have received 30 to 40 stitches in the back, “two penetrated into the lung cavity,” said the public prosecutor’s spokesman. The victim broke his leg while jumping out of the window.

The perpetrator fled and ran into a fire truck driving to the scene of the fire. He was fatally injured in the process. The public prosecutor is currently investigating the driver for negligent homicide. It looks like the 23-year-old “suddenly jumped in front of the car from the left,” said Steiner.

The apparently mentally ill had met his girlfriend in the summer during a hospital stay. Since September they lived on the first floor of the mother’s mother of the alleged perpetrator. On the night of the crime, however, she was not at home, but with her partner. A 53-year-old relative who also lived in the house was rescued from the burning house and came to the hospital with smoke poisoning. The murder weapon has not yet been found. Since the fire has caused considerable damage, it is questionable, according to Steiner, whether it can still be secured at all.


Victims questioned attempted murder Upper Austria friend drunk

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