Flu vaccination protects people at risk (Specialist)

Vaccination against influenza is particularly beneficial for people for whom this seasonal disease represents the greatest risk, says Dr. Taieb Hamdi, medical researcher in health policies and systems, recalling that this is not a contraindication. indication for vaccination against Covid-19.

According to the specialist, influenza vaccination is recommended for everyone, however, there are certain priority categories, such as the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, pregnant women and children aged between 6 months and 5 years.

And to recall that hundreds or even thousands of deaths linked to seasonal flu are recorded each year and mainly concern vulnerable groups. In addition, the specialist wishes to point out that 10 to 12% of absenteeism in work and school environments is due to seasonal flu, hence the need for high influenza vaccination coverage in people at risk.

In Morocco, there is a minimum period of two weeks between the anti-covid-19 vaccine and that against the flu, while in some countries the two vaccines can be concomitant.


Flu vaccination protects people risk Specialist

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