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Already 99 sick people in hospitals «

From Tuesday to Wednesday 14 sick people were hospitalized. Only five out of 18 intensive care patients are vaccinated. 1900 Carinthians are currently infected with Covid-19. Another death is to be lamented.

12:57 p.m., October 27, 2021


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18 sick people are currently in an intensive care unit in Carinthia (photo) © APA/HELMUT FOHRINGER

The number of new infections remains at a high level. The state press service reported 251 on Wednesday morning (as of 9 a.m.). There are 77 recovered. Currently are in Carinthia 1900 people infected with Covid-19. One reason for the skyrocketing numbers is the spread of the coronavirus within the family associations. “At the moment, there is more going on inside,” said Gerd Kurath, Corona spokesman for the country, on Wednesday after a meeting of the experts. They also assume that the October 10 celebrations will be a driving force. The untruthful information in contact tracing also plays into the spread of the coronavirus in the cards.

According to forecasts, the number of new infections on Thursday should be significantly higher at over 300. With a view to the long weekend with All Saints’ Day, it is appealed to “exercise extreme caution” when commemorating the dead and visiting relatives.

In line with the high number of newly infected people, hospitalizations are also increasing. 99 sick people are in hospital treatment. That is an increase of 14 people compared to Tuesday. 81 infected people receive inpatient care (+10), 18 intensive care (+4). Given the high number of people hospitalized, the question arises as to how many of them are vaccinated and not vaccinated.

Only five intensive care patients vaccinated

“Of the 81 sick people who are in-patient care are 38 fully vaccinated“, says Kurath. The reason for their hospitalization lies, according to Kurath, on the one hand in previous illnesses, on the other hand they take medication, because of which the corona vaccination does not work as it should. Kurath named taking medication after an organ transplant as Example: Of the 18 intensive care patients, only five are vaccinated.

A person has died with or from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours. The number of Fatalities got on 855 elevated. The 7-day incidence of 280.4 in Carinthia is currently slightly above the Austrian average (276.1).

Delays in testing

Due to the skyrocketing number of infections, there is a greater need for suspected cases and free tests. There have already been delays in this regard. The country has now responded. “We have reallocated“, says Kurath. The population testing (PCR and antigen tests) has been reduced. Kurath emphasizes that there may be a delay in spite of the redeployment for one or the other. 976 PCR samples were taken on the national holiday alone.

The “everything gurgles” campaign with free PCR tests for at home is due to start in mid-November. In the previous week it became known that an elementary school in Upper Carinthia was officially closed. But not because of Corona, but because of noroviruses. According to Kurath, this suspicion has been confirmed. The school will be disinfected this week.


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