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Geneva mobility – War is declared on road noise

Geneva mobility – War is declared on road noise
Geneva mobility – War is declared on road noise

War is declared on road noise

The police carried out noise checks on Wednesday. Several too loud bikers have been amended. Reporting.

Emilien Ghidoni

Posted today at 4:43 p.m.

This Wednesday morning, an unusual number of blue uniforms crowded near the luxurious Hôtel des Bergues. In the cold, the traffic police control the drivers arriving from the station, in the direction of the Mont-Blanc bridge. The objective of the operation: to catch the drivers who are too noisy. Since the adoption of the cantonal strategy “Noise 2030”, this type of control has been reinforced.

“It is not a question of safety, but of public health” affirms Major Patrick Pulh, chief of the traffic police. Indeed, as shown our analysis, the noise caused by cars in the city of Geneva regularly exceeds the averages authorized by the Confederation. A real suffering for the inhabitants of certain streets with heavy traffic. “Today, the goal is to control vehicles making a particular noise,” continues the major. In general, these are mainly two-wheeled vehicles. “


Geneva mobility War declared road noise

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