“A vital decision” advances the Bocuse Group

“A vital decision” advances the Bocuse Group
“A vital decision” advances the Bocuse Group

Explain to appease. And maybe convince. This is somewhat the meaning of the approach of the Bocuse group which, after several weeks of negative reactions around the sale of its Ouest Express restaurant, Industry district in Vaise to the Mc Donald’s group, insisted on leaving the reserve. to reveal the “real reasons” which pushed him to this transaction. An assumed transaction.

“The decision to sell the Vaise site was vital”

“Today, with cumulative losses on all the Ouest Express trains clearly exceeding one million euros, the decision to sell the Vaise site was vital, on the one hand to secure jobs and on the other hand to extend the original desire of Mr. Paul and Jérôme Bocuse: to offer a qualitative offer, accessible and adapted to new customer habits ”, explains the Bocuse group in a press release, following a meeting with the mayor of Lyon, Grégory Doucet , and his food assistant, Gauthier Chapuis.

“Only the McDonald’s purchase proposal was serious”

The disposal project dates from 2017, reveals the Bocuse group, which further details: “After refusing takeover offers to implement more festive concepts in particular, only the McDonald’s purchase proposal was concrete and serious. It enabled the retention of all Ouest Express employees, including student employees and employees with reduced mobility, this being the top priority for managers. The multinational brand is also committed to offering training to employees during the construction period. Finally, given the surface area of ​​Ouest Express Vaise, only this brand was able to make an offer. “

20,000 people signed the petition against the installation

It was accepted and made public at the end of September, with the installation, in front of the facade of the restaurant, of the prior authorization for work. This had sparked an outcry and the creation of a collective, supported by the Lyon trade assistant, against this installation. A petition was also launched to demand the abandonment of this project and the creation of a hall of local producers, in its place. Today, more than 20,000 people have already signed it.

The opening of the fast food restaurant is still scheduled for November. According to the Mc Donald’s France group, interviewed by Le Progrès, this establishment “is eagerly awaited”.


vital decision advances Bocuse Group

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