France will draw its retaliatory measures against Great Britain

From November 2, British seafood will be subject to increased controls in French ports.

In the dispute with Great Britain over post-Brexit fishing licenses, France threatened retaliatory measures “in the second half of October“. She is about to carry them out. The detailed list must be published in the coming hours or days, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said Wednesday, after the cabinet meeting.

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From November 2, “systematic customs and sanitary controls on products unloaded in France and the ban on unloading of seafood productsWill be implemented, according to Gabriel Attal. In a second time, “in the following weeks“, Another series of measures”energeticWill concern the supply of electricity to the Channel Islands, Jersey and Guernsey, as had already been mentioned. The list must be clarified by a joint statement from the Quai d’Orsay and the Ministry of the Sea. Unless, of course, a change in British position by then.

Almost half of license applications refused

«Our patience has limits, hammered Gabriel Attal. We will not let Britain wipe its feet on the Brexit deals.According to him, nearly half of the license applications made by French fishermen have still not been satisfied, despite the provision of documents requested by the British authorities. These are small boats fishing in the 6-12 mile coastal area off the coasts of Britain and the Channel Islands.

The Minister of the Sea, Annick Girardin, met Prime Minister Jean Castex on Tuesday on this issue, which was discussed in the Council of Ministers. A meeting also took place on Wednesday morning with local elected officials from the regions concerned, Hauts-de-France, Normandy and Brittany, to coordinate the implementation of these provisions.

France “has been showing the greatest firmness for several weeksOn the subject, says Gabriel Attal. It brought it to the European authorities, to a Council of Fisheries Ministers, then to the Commission, in order to mobilize the support of the Twenty-Seven. This was somewhat disappointing, as some of the Member States did not want to get involved in the issue. The response to what is akin to a provocation from London therefore risks remaining Franco-French.


France draw retaliatory measures Great Britain

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