Swissmedic gives the green light: Now comes the booster vaccination

Swissmedic gives the green light: Now comes the booster vaccination
Swissmedic gives the green light: Now comes the booster vaccination
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    The third corona vaccination for senior citizens is coming.

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    Swissmedic gives its blessing for the booster vaccination from Moderna.

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    Likewise, Taskforce President Tanja Stadler.

Finally! The therapeutic products authority Swissmedic gives its okay for the booster vaccination from Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer. The refresher pik is permitted for particularly vulnerable people – especially senior citizens. “People at particular risk can therefore receive a booster vaccination in order to continue to be adequately protected against severe courses of the Covid-19 disease,” writes Swissmedic in a press release.

Now the booster vaccinations can be used more widely. Swissmedic is now approving the third vaccination “for certain population groups”, specifically “for people who are particularly at risk” and “for people with a weakened immune system”, as the notification says.

With the mRNA vaccine from Moderna, those affected receive only half a dose, with that from Pfizer / Biontech a full dose. Swissmedic has adjusted the product information accordingly.

Third spades for everyone aged 65 and over

With the approval of Swissmedic, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Federal Commission for Vaccination (Ekif) also change the vaccination recommendation: “Protection can decrease somewhat in older people over time,” writes the FOPH. “In order to continue to protect them as best as possible from a serious illness, we recommend a booster vaccination for people over 65 years of age.”

It should take place at the earliest six months after the vaccination has been completed. The recommendation applies “especially to residents in old people’s and nursing homes and to people aged 65 and over with serious underlying illnesses”. These groups of people were among the most vulnerable people with the highest risk of becoming seriously ill.

“Booster vaccinations would increase the protection in older people, which is likely to decrease slightly, but we do not yet know for how long,” said vaccination boss Christoph Berger (59) recently in an interview with Blick. “It seems important to me to emphasize that their protection increases from around 85 to 95 percent.”

In contrast, Ekif and BAG consider a booster vaccination for the entire population to be “not indicated at the moment”. The vaccination protection is still over 90 percent after a full vaccination. “Anyone who becomes infected despite the vaccination usually has no or only mild symptoms and rarely becomes seriously ill.”

8000 already had a third vaccination

Many have been waiting for the Go for a long time, because Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer submitted their approval applications back in September. However, they still had to provide data in order to get to the kiss on the hand. Swissmedic always defended itself against the accusation that the approval of third-party vaccinations against Covid-19 was progressing too slowly.

Peter Burri from Pro Senenctute: “Many want the booster vaccination”(04:34)

Up until now, the booster vaccination was only recommended for people with a weakened immune system – for example people who have had a transplant. A third vaccination has currently been administered to around 8,000 people in Switzerland.

Increasing impatience

In the last few weeks there has been increasing dissatisfaction. In particular, because there were vaccination breakthroughs in fully vaccinated older people – even deaths. A study shows that the booster vaccination ensures the restoration of a high level of vaccination protection.

In addition, other countries have been using booster vaccinations for a long time. Israel made the start. It was followed by France, Germany and the USA, where President Joe Biden (78) recently had himself vaccinated for the third time.

Zug Cantonal Doctor Rudolf Hauri: “We hope that decisions will be made soon with regard to the booster vaccination”(02:04)

Media conference at 2 p.m.

It will take a while before the booster vaccinations start on a broad front in the cantons. The federal IT tool will be ready from November 4th. The cantons are responsible for carrying out the booster vaccinations. “You decide when the authorized persons can register and prepare to be able to start booster vaccinations from mid-November,” wrote the FOPH.

The federal corona experts will inform about the next steps at a media conference in the afternoon.

The following professionals take part:

  • Patrick Mathys, Head of the Crisis Management and International Cooperation Section at the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)
  • Claus Bolte, Head of Authorization at Swissmedic
  • Christoph Berger, President of the Federal Commission for Vaccination Issues (Ekif)
  • Tanja Stadler, President of the Corona Scientific Task Force

Blick reports live from 2 p.m.

Blick Politics Editor: “Booster vaccination is coming to Switzerland soon”(01:54)


Swissmedic green light booster vaccination

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