Job posting indicates an externally developed project

In the past few weeks rumors have been spreading that the developers at Firesprite Studios could work on a VR adventure in the world of “Horizon”. A current job advertisement from Guerrilla Games provides fresh speculation in this direction.

After Sony Interactive Entertainment a few weeks ago the takeover Announced by Firesprite Studios, we received rumors only a short time later about a possible new project that should be in development at the new PlayStation studio.

As the insider Nick Baker, who is considered a reliable source, would like to have found out, Firesprite Studios are currently working on an ambitious virtual reality title in the world of Guerrilla Games’ successful action role-playing game “Horizon”. Baker further explained that we are dealing with a completely new title and not a simple VR implementation of “Horizon: Zero Dawn” or the 2022 “Horizon: Forbidden West”. A current job advertisement from Guerrilla Games provides fresh speculation in this direction.

New Horizon titles in development at external studios?

With this, those responsible at the Dutch development studio are looking for a co-development producer who will monitor the development of “internal and external Horizon projects” and thus contribute to the growth of the brand. At the same time, potential applicants will be “part of a special group that monitors externally produced game projects based on the Horizon brand”.

On the subject: Horizon: VR title in the works at Firesprite Studios?

However, specific details on possible “Horizon” projects that could be under development at external studios are not contained in the job advertisements. However, the rumors about a possible VR title for “Horizon” are not new. Instead, it was said back in 2019 that the developers at Sony London Studios could work on a project of this kind.

It is conceivable that this title is still in development and has meanwhile been housed at Firesprite Studios. If there are specific details on this topic, you will of course find out from us immediately.

Those: Guerrilla Games

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Job posting externally developed project

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