Tyrol – 16-year-old arrested after a series of fires

Tyrol – 16-year-old arrested after a series of fires
Tyrol – 16-year-old arrested after a series of fires

According to previous estimates, the total damage is likely to be just under a million euros, said investigator Andreas Wurm of the APA. The 16-year-old has so far stood in one of the four fires, according to Wurm. For reasons of tactical investigations, they do not want to provide any further details for the time being. The motive is unclear to date, the accused made use of his right to refuse to testify. The young man was admitted to the Innsbruck prison by order of the public prosecutor’s office.

The first fire occurred on September 4th. The attic of a single family house caught fire. The property damage was rather limited, the house remained habitable. Finally, on September 25th, a farm building in the community burned down. The fire also spread to the house. The residents were able to leave the building on time. All animals – several cows, horses, foals and calves – were also brought to safety. Originally, it was assumed that there was a technical cause.

Finally, on October 2nd, there was a fire in the barn. The equipment in the shed – a tractor, a mower, two chainsaws and a motorcycle – were completely destroyed. The fourth offense against which the youth was charged finally occurred in mid-October. According to the LKA, a residential building was also affected here. But it stayed with the attempt. The roof structure should be set on fire.

According to the investigators, the fires had two things in common: The affected houses or objects were in the center of the village. And the acts are said to have occurred on the weekend.

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