Horst Seehofer sends hundreds of police officers to the border with Poland

Horst Seehofer sends hundreds of police officers to the border with Poland
Horst Seehofer sends hundreds of police officers to the border with Poland

In order to stop further illegal border crossings from Poland, Federal Interior Minister Seehofer wants to intensify controls and even more police oneetting. It does not rule out even stricter measures.

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has expressed understanding for the planned construction of a border barrier on Poland’s border with Belarus. “It is legitimate that we protect the external border in such a way that undetected border crossings at the green border are prevented,” said Seehofer of “Bild am Sonntag”. He announced that he would increase controls in the German-Polish border area.

He has already sent eight hundred police officers there to support the federal police. “If necessary, I am ready to step up there even further. We will closely monitor the border area and the green border with Poland.”

The introduction of regular controls cannot be ruled out

The Federal Minister of the Interior is also considering regular border controls such as those on the German-Austrian border. “Last week we announced the extension of controls at the German-Austrian border for a further six months in Brussels,” said Seehofer. “If the situation on the German-Polish border does not relax, it must also be considered here whether this step has to be taken in coordination with Poland and the state of Brandenburg.”

According to a report by the editorial network of Germany (RND), the municipal umbrella organizations are also in favor of increased border controls. “The municipalities expect the federal government and the EU to take the necessary measures to stop the illegal influx,” said the chief executive of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, the RND.

Landsberg spoke out in favor of “random checks at the border or in the border area” and “German-Polish cooperation in border security”. The German District Association (DLT) called for better security of the EU’s external borders. The President of the German Association of Cities, Burkhard Jung (SPD) called on the EU to increase the pressure on the government in Minsk.

Since August, thousands of migrants – mostly from the Middle East and Africa – have tried to cross the Polish border from Belarus. The EU is assuming retaliation by the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko for sanction decisions taken in Brussels. It is believed that the Belarusian authorities are bringing migrants into the country in a targeted manner and smuggling them to the borders with the eastern EU states.

Poland has stationed thousands of soldiers at the border because of the influx of migrants from Belarus. The government also announced the construction of a 353 million euro fortified border facility.


Horst Seehofer sends hundreds police officers border Poland

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