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Federal Chancellor and Health Minister announced tightening in the fight against “Corona”: pandemic of the unvaccinated

Federal Chancellor and Health Minister announced tightening in the fight against “Corona”: pandemic of the unvaccinated
Federal Chancellor and Health Minister announced tightening in the fight against “Corona”: pandemic of the unvaccinated

Top government announced new drastic measures in the Corona crisis

Late yesterday evening took place in the Federal Chancellery a press conference was held. The top government invited to this in order to convey current measures in the fight against the Corona crisis to local press and media representatives and to bring the population up to date.

We remember: the Infection numbers are increasing unfortunately strong again. If the summer months were relatively calm and there was already prospect of a greater calming of the corona situation, there have been increasing numbers of corona infections in our country for a few weeks.

Especially in the last and penultimate week, the numbers suddenly increased – and also for professionals – like the virologistProf. Norbert Nowotny – very unexpectedly fast. This was also confirmed by him in the ZiB2 of the ORF at Lou Lorenz-Dittlbacher.

ChancellorAlexander Schallenberg urged maximum caution and warned that we would soon be in a “Pandemic of the unvaccinated“would stumble – this is to be prevented or measures are now absolutely necessary. He appeals to all who have not yet been vaccinated to do so as soon as possible, it also carries a great responsibility on their shoulders.

How many people are vaccinated
Let’s see the current ones as an overview Vaccination numbers in Austria to: (Status: 10/22/2021, 11:59 p.m., source: Ministry of Health):

5,844,537 people (65.43% of the total population) have received at least one corona vaccination, of which 5,556,875 people (62.21%) have complete vaccination protection.
Of these, 260,557 people received a third dose.

Current figures on the corona virus
So far there have been 791,226 cases, 11,233 people have died and 751,994 have recovered. 1,004 hospitalized, including 224 people in intensive care units.
There are 3,582 new infections across Austria.

So far there have been 791,226 positive test results in Austria. As of October 22, 9:30 a.m., 11,233 people across Austria had died as a result of the coronavirus and 751,994 had recovered.
There are currently 1,004 people in hospital treatment due to the corona virus. Of these, 224 are cared for in intensive care units.

New infections in the federal states (as of October 22)
Burgenland: 81
Carinthia: 258
Lower Austria: 725
Oberösterreich: 799
Salzburg: 374
Steiermark: 466
Tirol: 257
Vorarlberg: 95
Wien: 527

New measures should the situation become even more dramatic – levels 4 and 5 are new!

There is a 5-step plan selected by the federal government to combat the pandemic.
According to reports, it is the aim of the federal government, which decided this in yesterday’s “online meeting” with the governors and health experts, above all unvaccinated people To impose exit restrictions – this to protect the rest of the population and certainly also to save capacities in hospitals.
It is now known that the majority of intensive care beds, for example, are occupied by non-vaccinated people.

Likewise, unvaccinated people should be protected in this way, who still have not had a vaccination – for whatever reason (with the exception of children under 12 years of age).

“We are currently in level 1,” said Health Minister Mückstein yesterday in the press statement.

The 5 levels

Levels 1 to 3, which were presented in September, remain in place.

step 1 (from 200 occupied beds), these levels have been in effect since mid-September. This brought the FFP2 obligation in many areas (e.g. in supermarkets and other grocery stores, in pharmacies, tobacconists and in public transport).

Level 2 comes into effect seven days after an intensive care unit occupancy rate of 15 percent (300 beds) has been exceeded.

Should it come to a utilization of 20 percent of the capacity (400 beds), then occurs level 3 in force.

Level 4 of the plan provides for a 2G rule in all those areas in which 2.5G (vaccinated, recovered, PCR-tested) previously applied.

If the mark of 500 occupied beds (25 percent of intensive capacity) is exceeded, unvaccinated people will probably be denied entry into the catering and hotel industry.
This also applies if a negative test is presented – regardless of whether it is antigen or PCR.

Events, cultural institutions, leisure facilities or sporting events are also likely to be affected.

Details are, according to the Ministry of Health still worked out.

At level 5: exit restrictions for unvaccinated people planned
Should the occupancy even exceed 600 beds (or 30 percent), then it comes to pass Level 5.

This brings according to the Minister of Health Wolfgang Mückstein Exit restrictions for unvaccinated people – those already known from earlier phases Lockdown. This would mean that this group of people would only be allowed to leave their own private living area for a few exceptional reasons (commuting to work, important errands, etc.).

The current utilization of the intensive care units with corona patients is more than 220 beds, which is around eleven percent. A mark of 33 percent is considered “critical”, i.e. just above the threshold specified for phase 5.

Federal Chancellor and Minister of Health – good team

During the press conference, where the two government partners explained the details of the new two levels, observers also said there was a rather harmonious “togetherness” between the new head of government, who took over the agendas of his predecessor ÖVP boss Sebastian Kurz has taken over, and the “Green” Minister of Health and doctor Wolfgang Mückstein.

At least in this press conference were certain disharmonies, which would be understandable in everyday political business after the government crisis, not heard between the coalition partners – good that way, since it is now about the well-being of all of us and the health of Austrians.

Even a little “humorous” fall of a TV camera was commented on by the Neo-Federal Chancellor with a smiling: “That had to happen once”.

Chancellor Schallenberg arrived from Brussels earlier that evening, where he was on EU summit the heads of state and government attended. Topics were the discussion about the promotion of nuclear power, rising energy prices in Europe, the corona pandemic and topics about migration, which has regained importance after the upheaval in Afghanistan, for example.

The corona numbers in the Mödling district (Data from October 21, 2021)
*Infected people:
+ 34 / total: 7,814
*7-day review
+191 / Incidence: 160.18
*Recovered people:
+15 / total: 7,431
*Deceased persons
+0 / total: 127

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