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Matthias Reim: Baby on the go and secret wedding!

Matthias Reim: Baby on the go and secret wedding!
Matthias Reim: Baby on the go and secret wedding!

What wonderful news! With pop star Matthias Reim (63) it could not look rosier at the moment: More than a year ago, in April 2020, the musician made his long-time partner Christin Stark (32) his wife in the garden of her house, as is now the “Bild” am Sonntag “reported in the October 24th issue. It was a small celebration with only two witnesses. They went to the registry office for a few days to make the marriage legally binding. “We didn’t tell our families about the wedding until much later. Everyone was happy with us,” said Matthias Reim. “I want to stay with Christin for the rest of my life.” And there is even more reason to cheer for the two, who have been in a relationship for almost nine years: The couple is expecting offspring!

Matthias Reim becomes a dad for the seventh time

This is the seventh time that the 63-year-old has become a father (he already has six children from previous relationships) – and a long-cherished dream is coming true for his wife. According to the report, she should be in her fourth month and the child will arrive at the beginning of April next year.

In an interview with “SchlagerSpass – die Show” she revealed some time ago: “I have to admit that I want that. I really want to have a little baby at some point.” And the 32-year-old went on to say: “When it comes to children, I can only say that I am very responsible and aware of this. That will not happen to me by mistake. If then I intend to be spherical, eat gummy bears with pickled cucumbers and then eat them too , two years of seeing what a little plug between Christin and Matthias would look like. ”

The singer is also looking forward to his youngest. Offspring: “Our baby will be an absolute dream child,” he tells “Bild am Sonntag”. First, the couple would have tried to align the baby planning according to the tour calendar. “Until we said at some point, it doesn’t matter if it comes, then it will.” Christin took 30 pregnancy tests to make sure that she is really pregnant. Then she put him a beer and announced the good news: “We celebrated all night,” says Matthias Reim.


Matthias Reim Baby secret wedding

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