Vaccines for children are safe +++ Austria takes action

Vaccines for children are safe +++ Austria takes action
Vaccines for children are safe +++ Austria takes action

In the Corona crisis, Austria’s government is increasing the pressure on unvaccinated people with a drastic threat. If the situation in the intensive care units worsened dramatically, unprotected people would have to expect exit restrictions, said Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg on Friday evening after a meeting with the Prime Minister.

“We are on the verge of stumbling into a pandemic of unprotected unvaccinated people,” said the head of government. Schallenberg ruled out a lockdown for those who had been vaccinated or recovered. He hoped that these plans would send a signal. There are still too many “hesitants and procrastinators,” said Schallenberg, referring to the vaccination skeptics.

Despite the recent significant increase in the number of new infections, the situation in Austria’s intensive care units is still largely stable. Around 220 intensive care beds are currently occupied by Covid patients. Should this number rise to 600, then the fifth and final stage of the step-by-step plan with massive exit restrictions for unvaccinated people would have been reached. “We are currently at level one, we are looking very far into the future,” said Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein.


Vaccines children safe Austria takes action

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