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22.10.2021 14:54

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Austria has taken over two corona intensive care patients from Romania.

As part of international disaster relief, Austria admitted two Covid 19 intensive care patients from Romania on Thursday. The number of cases had recently risen sharply.

Austria has accepted two Covid 19 intensive care patients from Romania. As part of international disaster relief, Romania asked the European community for help in general on Thursday, as the number of cases has recently risen sharply, reported the Interior Ministry. The region around Bucharest is particularly affected. The two patients are housed in hospitals in Lower Austria. Tyrol had also offered to help.

Austria accepted two corona intensive care patients from Romania

Austria offered five places for the Romanian patients. Originally three people should have come. The transfer of a patient was canceled at short notice, so only two will arrive on Friday. You are expected to be admitted to the Mistelbach Hospital and the Horn Hospital.

Tyrol accepted patients from South Tyrol

Since Austria also benefits greatly from Romanian nationals – especially in medical and nursing tasks – Austria has offered to take on patients, explained the Ministry of the Interior. There have recently been similar renditions. According to the Ministry of the Interior, Tyrol temporarily admitted some Covid 19 patients from South Tyrol. In the past, there was also support after other disasters.

Patient takeover only if the patient so desires

Patient takeovers only happen if the patient so wishes, the Romanian state pays for the costs and if the persons concerned are able to be transported. “These are important support measures for us. Every life is important, we fight for the life of every single one of our fellow citizens, but we also have to be aware of the fact that we also have to help each other,” said the interim Romanian health minister Attila Cseke loudly Agerpres news agency.

Linhart promised Aurescu support with hospital beds

Foreign Minister Michael Linhart (ÖVP) promised his counterpart Bogdan Aurescu that he would support Austria with hospital beds in a phone call. “Of course we stand by our friends and partners in this difficult phase,” said Linhart. “As long as the pandemic is in the daily newspapers and not yet in the history books, we must make every effort together and help each other whenever necessary.”


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