Exit controls in Melk and Scheibbs

Exit controls in Melk and Scheibbs
Exit controls in Melk and Scheibbs

Corona-related exit controls are starting in the Melk and Scheibbs districts. The regions may then only be left with a valid 3G certificate in your luggage.

Punctual checks are planned from midnight, but only warnings are issued up to and including Monday. Over the weekend, the police in charge of the controls try to make the population aware of the measures.

District captain of Melk: “We have to get infection processes under control”

Norbert Haselsteiner, the district captain of Melk, speaks in an interview with PULS 24 about the exit controls in Melk.

The Melk district is just over 1,000 square kilometers and has a population of over 78,000. It includes 40 communities. In terms of area, the Scheibbs district is equal, but with more than 41,000 inhabitants, it is sparsely populated and is divided into 18 municipalities. Since the two districts border one another, the result is a high-incidence area with more than 2,000 square kilometers and over 119,000 inhabitants.

This is what the people of Melk say about exit controls:

PULS 24 spoke to people in the Melk district about the high corona numbers.

The measure became necessary because the average seven-day incidence in the districts over a week had exceeded the limit of 500 specified in an ordinance of the Ministry of Health.


Exit controls Melk Scheibbs

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