After a fit of weakness on stage – concern for Vicky Leandros

After a fit of weakness on stage – concern for Vicky Leandros
After a fit of weakness on stage – concern for Vicky Leandros

Fans worry about Vicky Leandros’ health. The pop singer was visibly struck at a concert in Osnabrück. Now she apparently canceled some appearances.

The pop singer Vicky Leandros has canceled concerts and TV appearances for health reasons, according to a report in the “Bild” newspaper.

A performance by the 69-year-olds in Osnabrück last week in particular worried her fans: Leandros already looked visibly battered at the concert and had problems even finishing the performance. The show had to be interrupted once and the singer had to be supported from the stage as she left the stage.

“I noticed on stage that something was wrong”

After her attack of weakness, Leandros now apparently pulls the emergency brake, but she seems to be feeling a little better. “I know that many fans were worried about me after my concert in Osnabrück. That moves me very much!”, Said the 69-year-old of “Bild”. “I’m feeling better again, but my doctor has now given me absolute rest until further notice.”

The reason for her health problems was an infection, which she apparently carried off. Leandros said there was even a risk that the infection could attack her heart. “I noticed on stage that something was wrong, that I had no strength and couldn’t sing properly, but I didn’t want to stop the concert.”

Not on stage again until mid-November

The singer now wants to get well again, but return to the stage as soon as possible. Leandros initially dampened the expectations of fans who are hoping for a quick comeback. “According to my doctor, that won’t be until mid-November.”

Vicky Leandros is one of the most successful German pop singers worldwide with 55 million records. Her greatest hits were “Theo, we drive to Lodz” and “I love life”.


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