Neu Wulmsdorf: Two people hit by train – dead

Neu Wulmsdorf: Two people hit by train – dead
Neu Wulmsdorf: Two people hit by train – dead

Tragedy in the Harburg district: On Friday evening, a man (33) and a woman (29) were caught and killed by a regional train in Neu Wulmstorf. They had previously run across the tracks.

The accident occurred at 8:40 p.m. on the Hamburg – Cuxhaven route at Neu Wulmstorf station. “For a previously unexplained cause, the people crossed the tracks,” said a police spokesman for MOPO. As a reporter reported on site, according to a witness, the man and the woman wanted to reach a waiting S-Bahn.

The Neu Wulmstorf train station on Friday evening. Police and rescue workers are on duty.

Neu Wulmstorf: Two people hit by train

In doing so, they apparently overlooked the metronome, which was approaching at high speed. They were hit head-on and were instantly dead.

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How exactly the accident happened is now being clarified. One investigates in all directions, so the police spokesman. There were almost 130 people on the train who had to leave the train in the open. Firefighters escorted them out. The route remained closed until 0.30 a.m. (paul)


Neu Wulmsdorf people hit train dead

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