Eric Zemmour wants to break with the Atlanticist doctrine

In Rouen, the essayist delivered an offensive geopolitical statement against the United States.

From our special correspondent in Rouen (Seine-Maritime)

Five hundred and ninety years later, the execution of the Orléans maid at the stake has obviously not been digested. As part of his promotional tour of his latest book, France has not said its last word , Eric Zemmour took advantage of a stopover in Rouen, a Norman city where Joan of Arc died, to sketch forty-five minutes during his views on international relations and national defense. In front of the sparse bleachers – once is not custom – of the Zenith of the city, the essayist drew a geopolitical statement particularly offensive towards the Anglo-Saxon world.

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Against the English, “Our enemies for a thousand years”, and especially vis-à-vis the United States, in the face of which successive governments of right and left would be guilty of having “layers”, ensures Éric Zemmour. “For our elites, it’s almost a relief: they are delighted that France is content to be wisely a power.

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Eric Zemmour break Atlanticist doctrine

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