Lockdown decided only for the unvaccinated

Lockdown decided only for the unvaccinated
Lockdown decided only for the unvaccinated

The new Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg is facing his first practical test in the Corona crisis.

Corona hammer in Austria: When the intensive care beds in the hospitals are used to 30 percent, unvaccinated people have to go into lockdown! This was decided by the federal government around the new Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (52) and the country representatives at a joint video conference on Friday evening. 30 percent occupancy corresponds to 600 intensive care beds in Austria.

The conference was called due to the increasing corona numbers in Austria. Then the Austrian Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (47) said: “Those who have been tested are only allowed to leave the house in exceptional cases”. Exceptions are working or buying everyday necessities. But what exactly the lockdown will look like now has to be looked at with experts. Chancellor Schallenberg added: “One thing is also clear: there will be no lockdown for those who have been vaccinated.” Both he and the Minister of Health repeated this sentence several times. The message was clear: get vaccinated and nothing will happen to you. Mückstein became clear: “It’s best to get vaccinated tomorrow!”

Currently level 1 of 5

At the conference, the expansion of the existing step-by-step plan, with which the consequences of the pandemic should be cushioned, was discussed. With a 25 percent occupancy rate (500 beds) of the intensive care beds, 2G (recovered and vaccinated) should be introduced for restaurants, hotels, events as well as hospital and care visits, it was decided. A PCR test is then no longer sufficient.

There are currently 224 intensive care beds in Austria. This means that our neighboring country is on level 1 of their Corona step-by-step plan. At level 2 (from 300 beds), the 2G rule applies in night catering and for events without permanently assigned seats from 500 people. It is expected that this level will be reached soon. At level 3 (400 occupied beds) the antigen test is no longer valid.

Before the conference, Austrian Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (47) said the government’s goal was to increase vaccination coverage. (vof)

Because of increasing corona numbers: These countries tighten their corona rules(01:41)


Lockdown decided unvaccinated

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