ÖFB women celebrate 3rd victory in the 3rd World Cup qualifying game vs Luxembourg – football

Austria’s women’s national team continued the perfect start to qualifying for the 2023 World Cup.

The ÖFB team defeated in Wr. Neustadt Luxemburg 5-0 (2-0) and celebrates the third victory in the third game. The Austrians will take over the leadership of Group D for at least one day in front of England, which will host Northern Ireland on Saturday.

For double goal scorer Nicole Billa and Co. it continues on Tuesday (8:00 p.m. / ORF-Sport +) in Northern Ireland.

Freestyle and goals after a difficult start

After the away wins against the outsiders Latvia (8: 1) and North Macedonia (6: 0), the highly favored selection of team boss Irene Fuhrmann is overwhelmingly superior in the first home game. The action takes place almost only in half of the Luxembourg women, goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger, who had been honored by the APA for the election of footballer of the year 2020 before the game, only has to intervene with occasional back passes and a torn flank (39th) .

However, the Austrians initially found it difficult to get into the penalty area dangerously. But after half an hour the chances increased. A handful were awarded, but the lead was all the nicer. Nicole Billa twice overcame an opponent and shot into the near corner (42nd).

Katharina Naschenweng scored the second goal before the break (45th + 2). Striker Billa headed the top with her 36th team goal (50th). After the 4: 0 by Stefanie Enzinger (66th), who had just been substituted, Sarah Puntigam fixed the final score with a penalty (84th).

Team boss Fuhrmann had to do without captain Viktoria Schnaderbeck (muscle injury), the second goalkeeper Isabella Kresche (meniscus injury), Lisa Makas (muscle problems) and Laura Feiersinger. The midfielder suffered a shoulder dislocation two weeks ago and was spared after consultation with her club Frankfurt, but should be available in Belfast at the first real yardstick.

“We are happy to take a 5-0 with us on our way”

Team boss Fuhrmann was halfway satisfied after the final whistle. “We dominated the game in all phases, but the opponents made it difficult for us because they broke the rhythm by always standing still. But it’s a 5-0 and we’re happy to take that with us on our way “, said the trainer in the ORF interview, but mourned a higher victory. “One or two more goals could certainly have been scored.”

Nevertheless, Fuhrmann clearly outweighed the joy. “We have become much more flexible, the players can react really well to changes in their opponents.” Double goal scorer Billa admitted that it was difficult at the beginning. “We were asked a lot of patience.” The game against Northern Ireland would be a far greater challenge, Billa predicted. “Luxembourg was just defending and trying to break the flow of the game. Northern Ireland will certainly do more.”

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