Music – Wu-Tang Clan album sold for $ 4 million

Music – Wu-Tang Clan album sold for $ 4 million
Music – Wu-Tang Clan album sold for $ 4 million

Wu-Tang Clan album sold for $ 4 million

A group of unique digital coin collectors have acquired the famous rap group album and want to share it.

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A group of New York-based NFT collectors have announced that they have purchased for $ 4 million the only copy of a hardly ever released album by rappers from the Wu-Tang Clan, which fascinates their fans, with the hope of sharing it. one day.

At the end of July, the American justice had announced the auction of the album “Once upon a time in Shaolin” to settle the sentence of Martin Shkreli, the provocative and hated pharmaceutical entrepreneur who had offered it before his fall. The buyers, who remained secret at the time, finally came out of the woods.

In a video uploaded on Wednesday, PleasrDAO, a group of collectors of NFT (“non-fungible token”), these theoretically unique and non-piratable digital objects thanks to blockchain technology, announced that they were offered this double album of 31 tracks, of which there is only one copy.

Purchase price: $ 4 million, according to several US media, whose articles were retweeted by PleasrDAO. The group is known among collectors at NFT for having previously purchased digital works from American whistleblower Edward Snowden or Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot. The video uploaded shows one of the leaders of PleasrDAO, Jamis Johnson, opening the precious silver box containing the album and a handwritten booklet, then uncorking the champagne while listening to a track, headphones on.

The only copy of this 31-track double album would have been recorded between the end of the 2000s and the beginning of the 2010s by the Wu-Tang Clan band, hip-hop legends known for their texts on the harshness of the neighborhoods. poor people in New York, especially in Staten Island, and their samples inspired by martial arts films. At the time, they wanted to denounce the commodification of music and protected the work, now seen by some as a precursor of NFT, with a clause prohibiting the sale of the album before 88 years, i.e. 2103.

But on its site, PleasrDAO hopes to share it before. “Although we are bound by the legal agreement that accompanies this work of art and we may not be able to duplicate and share the music in digital form, we are convinced that there are ways to share this musical masterpiece with the whole world, ”writes the collective.


Posted today at 02:46

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