Corona measures in Eastern Europe – These countries are going into lockdown again – News

Corona measures in Eastern Europe – These countries are going into lockdown again – News
Corona measures in Eastern Europe – These countries are going into lockdown again – News

In which countries is there a lockdown again? Lockdown is currently returning in two Eastern European countries. Namely in Russia and Latvia.

What is the situation in Russia? There should be a “lockdown light” that looks different in every region. Moscow will close again on October 28, two days earlier. In the fight against rising corona numbers, all shops, bars and restaurants would have to close again, announced Mayor Sergej Sobjanin. Only shops for daily needs such as supermarkets and pharmacies are likely to continue to open. President Putin also announced a “week off” to break the new wave. From October 30th to November 7th, all businesses are to close for one week.

Why is Russia’s government opting for a new lockdown? Russia is hit particularly hard at the moment. The virus kills more than a thousand per day, according to the Russian health authority. That number has never been higher since the beginning of the pandemic. In addition, only one in three is currently fully vaccinated. Not enough, as President Putin thinks: “It is urgently necessary that we vaccinate more quickly in the regions. And of course I once again urge every citizen to be vaccinated. ”

What is the lockdown situation like in Latvia? The middle Baltic state has been in lockdown since yesterday. This will initially be imposed until mid-November. Specifically, this means: only shops for daily needs are allowed to remain open, leisure and cultural facilities have to close. There is also a night curfew for the population.

Why is Latvia’s government opting for a new lockdown? The reason for this measure is the recent sharp rise in the number of new infections. In addition, several hospitals report that their intensive care beds are already fully occupied. Krišjanis Karinš, Prime Minister of Latvia, said of the predicament: «I ask the vaccinated in the country to support the new measures, even if it is unfair. We have to do this because many have not yet been vaccinated. If we don’t react now, everyone will suffer. “

In which countries are the numbers of infections also increasing dramatically? Another Eastern European country that is grappling with the virus is Ukraine. But in Great Britain too, the health authorities are again registering a large number of new infections per day.

What exactly is the situation in these two countries? In Ukraine, the authorities are reporting new highs for corona numbers. For the second day in a row they reported a number of 23,785 new infections within 24 hours. Great Britain also has high numbers with 40 new infections per day. Although 67 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, the rate of vaccination has recently slowed down. In addition, there have been no official corona protective measures since July.

How is the Ukrainian government reacting now? So far, the government has waived a nationwide lockdown. Most recently, however, she tightened the corona rules. In particularly affected regions of the country, vaccination certificates or PCR tests are to be required in public facilities and in public transport. In addition, non-vaccinated people should no longer be allowed to work in the so-called “red zones”. This should also increase the low vaccination rate. Currently, only 15 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.

How is the UK reacting? There is no talk of a lockdown here either. The British Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, instead addressed words of warning to the people: “We are in a race with the virus. And even if we are currently still ahead, the virus is catching up. We can’t screw it up now. ”

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