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21.10.2021 15:02

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Police officer under suspicion of murder: Great search operation in Baden.

A 44-year-old Viennese police officer is suspected of having killed his 43-year-old partner in Deutsch-Brodersdorf in the Baden district. There is currently a large-scale manhunt for the murder suspect.

According to the police, the woman was found by relatives in a single-family house in Deutsch-Brodersdorf on Wednesday afternoon. She must have been strangled or strangled.

Intensive search for suspicious Viennese police officers

A large-scale search for the suspect in the Moosbrunn area (Bruck ad Leitha district) began on Thursday afternoon. The 44-year-old’s car was discovered there on Wednesday evening in a windbreak belt. According to police spokesman Johann Baumschlager, 80 officers from local offices, the operational unit and the rapid intervention group were called up. Eight service dogs and two drones were also involved in the action.

The search is difficult, reported Baumschlager in the afternoon. The extensive area is densely overgrown.

Investigation into suspicion of murder

The evidence of a violent crime had been confirmed, police spokesman Raimund Schwaigerlehner announced Thursday morning on request. It is being investigated on suspicion of murder.

In the case, there was no evidence of a risk to other people, the spokesman said. It cannot be ruled out that the 44-year-old has his service weapon with him.

The State Criminal Police Office of Lower Austria is investigating. The task force Cobra and the emergency unit were also involved in the search for the police officer working in Vienna.

Search canceled for the time being

The intensive search for the 44-year-old police officer has been canceled for the time being. The search ended around 5:00 p.m. on Thursday. After that, according to Baumschlager, a consultation was held with the State Criminal Police Office on how the search measures should continue.

Autopsy result is available: woman was suffocated

In the evening, the preliminary results of the autopsy were finally available. According to Schwaigerlehner, the woman was found to have blunt trauma in the chest, head and neck area. According to the autopsy, suffocation is believed to be the cause of death.


Woman killed Baden district wanted Viennese police officers Austria

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