US Congress – Former Donald Trump adviser Steve Banon may be sued

US Congress – Former Donald Trump adviser Steve Banon may be sued
US Congress – Former Donald Trump adviser Steve Banon may be sued

Former Donald Trump adviser Steve Banon may be sued

Congress voted to prosecute this former close ally of Trump who refuses to testify before the commission of inquiry into the assault on Capitol Hill in January.

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The American elected officials spoke Thursday in favor of the initiation of proceedings for obstructing the work of Congress against Steve Bannon, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, who refuses to participate in the investigations into the assault on the Capitol.

The 67-year-old former adviser was one of the architects of Donald Trump’s successful presidential campaign in 2016. He did not hold any official post on January 6 but appears to have spoken about the protest with the president in the days preceding , according to the House of Representatives special committee investigating the role of the former Republican president in the attack by his supporters on the seat of Congress.

Despite his summons, Steve Bannon did not appear before elected officials last week. “We will not allow anyone to derail our work because it is too important: to ensure that the future of American democracy is robust and secure,” said the chairman of the commission of inquiry, the elected Democrat Bennie Thompson. By this vote of the House of Representatives, Steve Bannon is now referred to federal prosecutors who will have to decide whether or not to indict him. But even if so, the legal battle could take months or years, potentially undermining the investigation.

Steve Bannon’s testimony is seen as essential because it is supposed to help understand what Donald Trump was doing before and during the assault. “According to published information, Steve Bannon had precise knowledge of the events of January 6 before they happened, played a role in the attack in many ways and was very forthright about it,” said the President. House of Representatives Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

Unanimity of the 220 elected Democrats

Steve Bannon said that Donald Trump’s lawyers had advised him not to appear before the commission, citing the right of presidents to keep certain documents and discussions confidential.

But according to the commission, this protection does not apply because Trump is no longer president and has never officially asserted this privilege of the executive. The 220 elected House Democrats on Thursday supported the resolution to give prosecutors the care of indicting Steve Bannon.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, who initially called for an investigation but spent the following months trying to thwart it, urged his troops to vote no. In the end, nine Republicans voted “yes”, including Liz Cheney, vice-chair of the Commission of Inquiry and one of the only dissenting voices within his party against Donald Trump.

The other Republican member of the commission Adam Kinzinger, who also voted in favor of the lawsuits, launched that “no one is above the law”.


Posted today at 01:50

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