Covid infections: sharp increase in the Freistadt district

Covid infections: sharp increase in the Freistadt district
Covid infections: sharp increase in the Freistadt district

It is a development that gives cause for concern to the health authority: Up to 80 new infections with the coronavirus have been confirmed per day in the Freistadt district in the past few days. The seven-day incidence climbed to 419.9 yesterday and is set to continue on the upside. That is the third highest value in Upper Austria, just behind the problematic districts of Gmunden and Braunau.

“The numbers have gone through the roof in the past few days. We got through the pandemic quite well until September, but we are currently fully challenged again,” says District Commissioner Andrea Ausserweger. “I can only ask everyone to be careful and to pay attention to the distance and hygiene measures. However, it is even better to get vaccinated in the coming days.”

In addition to the public vaccination route in the hall of the HAK Freistadt, there is also the offer of the vaccination bus of the province of Upper Austria. This will stop on Friday, October 29, in Bad Zell (Spar market, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.) and Tragwein (Spar market, 1.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.). Here you can get vaccinated without registering.

The distribution of new infections is not the same everywhere in the district. A particularly large number of infections come from the communities of Schönau, Unterweißbach and Gutau. The sharp rise also challenges the crisis team in the district administration to the limit of their resilience. “We have to investigate every case, establish contacts and initiate appropriate measures. My team works almost around the clock,” says Ausserweger, describing the current situation.

Calling the hospital staff

Doctors and nursing staff drew attention to the likewise rapidly increasing numbers in the hospitals yesterday at noon with an action in front of the Klinikum Freistadt. “We are now faced with the situation again that we have to treat more people every week due to the low vaccination rate. This is a burden on us, the patients and their families,” said Primary Norbert Fritsch, medical director of the Freistadt Clinic. In Freistadt, too, the experience has been that nine out of ten patients with a severe course are not vaccinated.

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