EMA decision on Moderna booster probably on Monday – coronavirus

EMA decision on Moderna booster probably on Monday – coronavirus
EMA decision on Moderna booster probably on Monday – coronavirus

Will the Moderna vaccine be used for booster vaccinations in the near future? The EMA is expected to make a decision on Monday.

The refreshment of the corona vaccination has already started throughout Austria. As the Ministry of Health announced, 200,000 people have already received the third stitch. For this “Booster“The mRNA vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer is currently used. More on this here >>

Another booster vaccination is currently coming Moderna vaccine in question. On Monday, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is expected to announce the result of its review of the booster vaccine. The authority announced on Thursday.

Examination of the corona pill

Merck’s (MSD in Europe) rolling reviews of the drug Molnupiravir is also due to start next week. The antiviral agent would be the first tablet against Covid-19. “Molnupiravir showed a significant reduction in the risk of hospitalization and death in the phase III study in Covid-19 patients,” said MedUni Vienna infectiologist Florian Thalhammer on Thursday to the APA: “In addition, the effectiveness of molnupiravir was achieved through the Virus variants (Gamma, Delta, My) unchanged. “

Reduction of the utilization of the ICU

“Molnupiravir could thus not only lead to a reduction in the burden of disease for the individual, but also have major, positive consequences for health policy in terms of reducing the occupancy rate in intensive care units and hospitals,” emphasized the President of the Austrian Society for Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine (OEGIT).

“The economy could also be significantly relieved by a significantly shorter separation period for Covid 19 sufferers,” noted the university professor of the APA.

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