[Photos + vidéo] Gouville. Aurora Storm: "We were on the brink of a real disaster" – the Free Channel

  1. [Photos + vidéo] Gouville. Storm Aurore: “We were on the verge of a real catastrophe”the Free Channel
  2. Storm Aurora: more than 150 interventions by firefighters in the English ChannelLa Manche Press
  3. 7/8 The Journal. Thursday, October 21, 2021TV78 – The Yvelines channel
  4. IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Aurora storm in the English Channel: a tree has fallen in the Jardin des Plantes in CoutancesWest France
  5. [Photos] Agon-Coutainville. Storm Aurora: extensive damage in the center of Manchethe Free Channel
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Photos vidéo Gouville Aurora Storm quotWe brink real disasterquot Free Channel

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