New brand and new event: the PDR of Fully …

Initiated in 2017 by the Fully Grand Cru Association and its 22 winegrowers and breeders, formalized in December 2020, the Fully Destination Petite Arvine Regional Development Project (PDR) has entered its implementation phase which will span six years. .

“The launch of our PDR, on January 1, 2021, was largely disrupted by the health crisis. But today, we are proud to present the new visual identity and the “Les Petites Arvines de Fully” brand, rejoices Gérard Dorsaz, president of the strategic committee of the PDR.

This graphic line is inspired by the mythical Combe d’Enfer, explains Vice-President Mathilde Roux: “We have chosen a symbolic place in our vineyard, which represents the heroic viticulture of Fully, to make us more visible in these difficult times. for our profession, this in a positive, united and conquering spirit. “

A major event

This first concrete achievement of the PDR of Fully is accompanied by a new event called “Fully, Arvine & Co”, which will take place on November 19 and 20. “It will be a market for Valais wines that will bring together 22 winegrowers and producers from the Fully region and surroundings. Wine experiences, tastings, masterclasses and wine sales will be on the program, ”announces Mathilde Roux. Who adds that the objective is not to replace “Arvine en Capitale”, but to organize a major event every year.

The Maison de la Petite Arvine

Among the twenty PDR projects, alongside promotional and marketing actions, is the construction of a Maison de la Petite Arvine, east of Fully, near the motorway exit.

The Maison de la Petite Arvine will be our central project.

Gérard Dorsaz, president of the PDR strategic committee

“This will be our central project. For the time being estimated at 3 million francs, its realization remains conditional on a modification of the zone plan of Fully, which is the responsibility of the municipal authorities. We hope to start work within three years, the PDR being limited to six years in total, ”explains Gérard Dorsaz.

Almost 27 million francs

It will be recalled that the PDR of Fully Destination Petite Arvine has an overall budget of 26.9 million francs. Approved by the Grand Council of Valais, the framework credit is of the order of 14.7 million. It includes the contributions of the Confederation and the canton to the tune of 9.26 million, a construction loan of 3 million and an investment loan without interest of 2.5 million. The share of the municipality of Fully amounts to 1 million, while the balance will be financed by the 29 partners of the PDR, according to their own projects.

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