Gewessler rejects the Mittenwaldbahn tender


The minister does not want to shake the transport service contract. This means that the Tyrolean route of the Mittenwaldbahn cannot be removed for the feared tender.

Last update on Thursday, October 21, 2021, 4:30 am

Rail actionism: Vida boss Roman Hebenstreit (left) and ÖGB Tirol chairman Philip Wohlgemuth (right).

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By Manfred Mitterwachauer

Innsbruck – Innsbruck – “Save the Tyrolean Railways!” A slogan held up by dozens of trade unionists on the platform of the main train station and affixed to a tent that is demonstratively posted in front of the train that had recently stopped in Innsbruck from the Mittenwald route. This was the announced sign of the protest that the “Vida” set in the state capital yesterday morning to shake up the Tyrolean Transport Association (VVT) and the black-green state government.

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Gewessler rejects Mittenwaldbahn tender

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