▷ Lidl Switzerland publishes its new sustainability report / Retailer makes …

▷ Lidl Switzerland publishes its new sustainability report / Retailer makes …
▷ Lidl Switzerland publishes its new sustainability report / Retailer makes …

21.10.2021 – 08:18

LIDL Switzerland

Weinfelden (ots)

Lidl Switzerland launches its new sustainability report. Established on the basis of the international GRI standard, it demonstrates that entrepreneurial responsibility and a sustainable assortment go hand in hand with the business model of a smart discounter. This entire report was written for the first time in the feminine language, as a declaration in favor of equality also in the field of language, the masculine form having always been used in recent years.

Allowing sustainable purchases for every wallet may seem as absurd to some as writing an entire report in a feminine way. Lidl Switzerland’s current sustainability report shows that these two concepts work wonderfully and are not contradictory. “In recent years we have been able to record notable successes and progress along the entire value chain, which we are proud to present in our current sustainability report,” says Torsten Friedrich, CEO of Lidl Switzerland. Lidl Switzerland’s goal is to make sustainable purchasing possible for everyone. In order to achieve this goal, the theme of sustainability is deeply embedded in the corporate culture and lived throughout the value chain.

Sustainable use of natural resources and transparency

Lidl Switzerland pursues ambitious goals to promote a more sustainable use of resources and the preservation of ecosystems. In addition, at the end of 2020, the retailer developed labeling for aspects related to animal welfare, in collaboration with the Swiss Animal Protection PSA. Fresh meat products are labeled with the corresponding animal welfare rating scale directly on the packaging. Customers thus benefit from more transparency and are able to make an informed purchasing decision.

Guarantee compliance with social and environmental standards during processing

Reliable, fair and long-lasting relationships as well as the payment of living wages are of utmost importance to the retailer. In the manufacturing countries of the textile industry, the earnings of women workers are often below the subsistence level. This is why in November 2019, the parent company Lidl Stiftung joined the Action Collaboration Transformation (ACT) initiative. ACT is the first international agreement aimed at obtaining sectoral collective agreements for the textile industry in producing countries. The fair wages negotiated under this agreement are supported, among other things, by responsible purchasing practices of the participating companies as well as by binding commitments on purchasing volumes.

Social responsibility in the company

In terms of human resources, Lidl Switzerland has obtained the “Good Practice in Fair Compensation” certificate awarded by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS). This nationally recognized distinction is awarded to companies that have their salary system analyzed and certified according to recognized criteria. The retailer is actively leading the issue of “equality, diversity and inclusion” throughout the value chain. In 2020, around 70% of our staff was made up of women. Over 50% of our stores were run by women. The in-store management teams, made up of store managers, assistant store managers and store assistants, are also made up of 67% of women. Since entering the market, Lidl Switzerland has guaranteed all employees the same salary for the same work.

Creation of social value in Switzerland

Short transport circuits and seasonality are characteristic of regional products. By sourcing in the region, Lidl Switzerland also promotes the activity of local producers and allows Swiss customers to buy Swiss products. Lidl Switzerland is also increasingly focusing on organic products. In this product segment, sales were increased by around 50%. The range of organic products is constantly being expanded. The same goes for vegetarian and vegan products, for which the retailer was able to double its turnover in fiscal 2020.

Find more information and the full sustainability report at:

Lidl Switzerland – sustainability report


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